But our thought system has been blocked and conditioned to such a devastating extent that we cannot go past the concept of a ‘god that thinks like humans’. It’s too difficult to contemplate and think in depth; it’s much easier to assign a god to heaven and a delivery-man status to his Rasul.

Then we say ‘God bless America’, ‘God bless the Turks’, ‘God bless the Arabs, the Jews, the English, the Hindu!’ Regional gods!

But if you’re reading this and not feeling anything don’t strain your eyes no further!

What can the morals of the ONE who has created the multiple universes be? For the sake of your most beloved, please stop and think. Think without conceiving him as a human or a ‘god’!?

What can the RASUL of the creator of infinite existence called “Allah” really be pointing to?

What is the essential reality of the Rasul and risalah?

If we’re being asked to moralize ourselves with the morals of Allah, what does this actually mean?

The Rasul of Allah is the universal man! The consciousness of man is actually the universal consciousness projecting from the brain according to his “fitrah” (creational program)!

What was Hadhrat Ali (ra), the zenith and pinnacle of knowledge, inviting you to realize, when he claimed “you think you are the miniature universe whereas you are the macro universe!”

We’ve become so insensitive and thick-skinned that our consciousness cannot purify itself from the concept of godhood which has permeated to our very genes; we can’t transcend our self-imposed limits.

We think when we call our god ‘the right one’ we automatically become right, we exonerate ourselves with fancy conceptions of having the ‘right god’.

In short, we deify our own illusory identities. 

Hence it is imperative that we know ourselves, purify our consciousness, and employ the state of equanimity and selfless observation. We must renew ourselves!

Try to recognize the amazing realities referenced by the metaphors used in the past, in light of modern science, an incredible and invaluable blessing of Allah. 

Realize that matter as you know does not exist – it never did!

Here is an excerpt of an interview that physicist Hans-Peter Dürr gave to P.M. Magazine in May 2007: 

PM Mag: Professor Dürr, what is matter? 

Dürr: Basically there is no matter. In any case, not in the way it’s currently conceived. There is only a structure of relationship, constant change, liveliness. It’s very difficult to try to picture this. Primarily, only connection exists, a connectivity without material foundations. We could also call it mind. Something that we can only spontaneously experience and not “grasp.” Matter and energy only appear secondarily – appearing, so to speak, as congealed, hardened “mind.” According to Albert Einstein, matter is only a depleted form of energy. The underlying ground of energy, however, is not a still more refined form of energy, but something entirely different – just a “living quality” or “liveliness.” We can more or less compare this quality with software in a computer. 

Indeed my friend! 

The shallow world formed by the five senses is over in the world of science! And thus everything that has been built upon this baseless model!

This is the Golden Age for the Quran and the Rasul of Allah (saw) – with those who can decipher it!

Emancipate your consciousness from the narrow cocoon it’s stuck in and gaze upon the universe!

Observe as the Basir (the One who is constantly observing His manifestations and evaluating their outputs) and perceive as the Sami (the One who perceives His manifestations at every instance and enables awareness and comprehension) your cells, your DNA, your molecular make-up, and atomic and sub-atomic layers of existence!


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