Over the years and due to many reasons, the understanding of religion in Turkey has degenerated and become corrupt. Those whose brains have become blocked in backdoor Quran schools and by limited religious templates have resumed positions of religious authority!

It is these so-called religious schools and sects, which raise scholars of literal understanding, that are the biggest impediments and obstructions to Islam, not the government!

It is imperative for all of us to urgently research and reassess religion, for our own sake! Life is speedily passing, time is running out quickly! If it’s only in the worldly life that we can acquire the eternal life, then this is our only chance!

Religion cannot be taught to people by imposing a single understanding, a single interpretation. But disclosing the real knowledge of Islam goes against both the interests of the government and the institutionalized religious schools and sects.

Does anybody wonder why?

I believe this is worth in-depth consideration!

No religious service can be done for financial gain! Otherwise it will become business, not a service to religion. Religion is not business! He whose career entails a religious position, is only occupied in business. Yes, one may use religion to make money and gain other worldly goods, but in the end, he will only accrue loss.

He who lives by the god he creates in his own mind, will begin to legitimize everything according to his desires... Only those who understand Allah as disclosed by Muhammad (saw) and His teachings, lead their lives in a totally different way!

The life of this world is transient!

Jesus did not buy into the game of Barabbas, who wanted to use him for political gain. For he was a man of Allah! He knew what mattered more than anything was the eternal life after death!

So he left them to their own accord, to fulfill their servitude according to their creational purpose and worldly function!

How interesting it is that those who have not realized the reality of Sharia in their own lives demand it be exercised at the governmental level!

In truth, there is only one reason for all this misunderstanding: Selective understanding of particular verses and hadith, oblivious to their context, rather than a holistic approach to the warnings and symbols of the Quran and the applications of the Rasul (saw) – and thinking the essence and reality of religion is comprised of the memorized teachings imparted in backdoor Quran schools and secret religious gatherings!

If the government was to allow people to freely express their views through the media, people would begin to recognize and understand the truth, just like they recognize the tele-comic theologians! Sadly, even this is not allowed. For freedom of speech does not exist in most countries!

Real freedom is the freedom of expression! And this freedom can only be practiced in nations that are truly civilized and developed.

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