The journey is long, but life is short... Severe catastrophes, earthquakes, landslides and meteors are on their way... The third world war is around the corner...

The arrival of the Antichrist is pending! The ‘reviver’ is fulfilling his function without physically emerging!

We are face to face with the risk of leaving this world without attaining the reality, without getting to know Allah, without comprehending the system and order of Allah, and thus, without preparing duly and accordingly!

The whole point of this worldly life is for us to discover and effectuate the Names of Allah comprising our essence, and to thus commence our eternal journey! If we fail to do this, we will be in an unimaginable state of misery during the infinite journey that will begin at the grave, in which we will be buried while fully conscious!

What is of the greatest importance for you in your eternal life to come is whether you have understood the non-dual Oneness of Allah, not whether you managed to establish a government of sharia and lead people into submission with a stick!

“...Had Allah willed, He would surely have enabled the realization of the absolute reality to all of mankind!” (Quran 13:31)

“...Over My servants (those who have believed in their essential reality - that they are beings of Consciousness) you have no authority (of enforcement)”(Quran 17:65)

Our principle has been set by the Rasul of Allah (saw):

“Ease and facilitate, do not harden; cause love, not hatred!”

May Allah ease and facilitate...



21 January 2006

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