Let us be realistic and stop deceiving ourselves. Let us forego our provincial understanding and look from a global perspective and evaluate as such.

Know with certainty that if the reviver known as ‘Mahdi’ does not come as a commander on a white horse with an extraordinary army and force then this expectation of a “government of sharia” is nothing but a distraction, leading people away from the truth, making them squander their energy uselessly.

I wrote in 1985 that such a Mahdi will not emerge. Way back then I wrote about the possibility of him having started his function during those years (1400-1410 Hijri years) ... Those who awaited his emergence every year at Hajj waited for nothing. And as long as the Saudi sultanate is in reign I strongly doubt he will ever emerge! This is my personal understanding. Those who live long enough will see its legitimacy, inshaAllah.

If the reviver (Mahdi) commenced his function during the years 1980-1985, what has he been doing all this time? What is he doing now?

Recognize well the realities of the current times!

Islam spread on earth not via the narrow-minded, bigoted, robot brained religious scholars who can’t go beyond their literal understanding and memorized repetitions, but by the people of the heart, the people of love who discerned and practiced the essence of Islam!

Let us try to conquer the hearts, not the government!

To strive in the way of Allah means to acquire real religious knowledge and warn people in the way of the Rasul of Allah (saw)! It means to explain to people what to believe and how to believe, according to their understanding, rather than trying to herd them like sheep.

Now is the time to be in service to the attainment of faith! Now is the time to address people according to their language and understanding! No message can be given via books filled with outdated language!

The Rasul of Allah (saw) was not a ‘Muslim of shape and appearance’! Appearance–based Muslimism is nothing but primitiveness! Only primitive minded people will try and apply restrictions and limitations to other people’s dress code. In matters that were not a concern of religion, the Rasul of Allah (saw) showed utmost respect to the customs and traditions of the idol-worshipping community in which he lived. This is the biggest and clearest example for us!

It is one thing to find inappropriate and oppose the current administration because it is based on wrong, unjust and perhaps even atheist ideologies, but it is something else altogether to apply another wrong in its stead, squandering away an entire lifetime!

How can you expect people, who can’t even bring a law against purse snatching, to bring solutions to much greater problems?

See the realities of the time in which you are living! Do not deceive yourselves, lest you are left with a very expensive consequence!

Research well and see who has been covertly inciting and supporting the ‘left-wing’ and the ‘sharia supporters’ in Turkey for years, to attain their own desires. Look at the position of the reformists who have bought into their lies!

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