“Look where you have taken the topic now! If anything, I am the one who advocates the freedom of belief! More than you, I oppose the enforcing of things upon others, I’m the one who always says people should be free to live as they like, so long as they don’t harm others, do I not?

“You know how much I believe in the value of freedom. Forcing others to comply via tyranny and bullying is the kind of behavior you observe in animals. Unfortunately, people still can’t escape these animalistic tendencies…”

“And you’re the one to take them out of their slumber?”

“No way! Any time anyone tries to, they became an outcast or, worse yet, tortured and killed… History is full of bloody examples… From being executed for saying the world rotates around the sun, to the endless afflictions that Jesus, Moses and Muhammad were subject to!

“Anyone who presents a new idea is bound to be denounced and destroyed by those whose foundations are based on old ideas. Those who haven’t found their real identities depend on the masses to hold them up. When the masses start to sway towards new ideas, it undermines their power and authority, and hence extreme measures are taken to eliminate this threat and keep the system going...”

“Well spoken! You sure have my vote darling… Despite the fact that you are not like others, and you’re a loner, if you didn’t have the determination to walk in the direction of your own ideas and feelings, you would be no different than everybody else. And you sure would not have conquered my heart! But please don’t wear yourself out, honey, and don’t share your ideas with the public. I still need you for many years to come…”

“Come on… Let’s go to bed…”

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