The 10th Encounter

Fifteen days had gone past since Jem’s last meeting with Alph!

The school holidays had started in the meantime so Jem had plenty of time to himself. He was now heavily engaged in researching about the last topic they had covered with Alph. He still hadn’t been able to find the answers that he had asked Alph though…

Whichever way he tackled the topic it just didn’t add up. How could Allah not be a god he kept asking… How?

He had always somewhat faintly felt that the universe, or in other words, the infinite, limitless ONE denoted by the word universe, was far beyond any deity concept, but this intuition spawned too many questions to deal with!

On the other hand, since there is no god, why was worship a compulsory practice supposedly for the person’s own wellbeing? It just didn’t make any sense…

“Jem, I wished for you to have found the answers for yourself by now, but even though you have been repetitively asking the same question for the past fifteen days, you still haven’t been able to solve it! I felt I should get in touch and help you out a little…”

“You have no idea how much I feel I owe to you Alph! You have shifted my outlook on everything, my life, my environment, the cosmos… But when I turn back and have a look I see that I haven’t gone far at all… All my value judgments pertaining to my life have been nullified! I’ve come to a position where I can’t even make simple judgment such as ‘worthy’ and ‘unworthy’. I place myself into their position and realize that I could have been under those circumstances too, and then I can’t help but approach them with love… I can’t get angry at anything or anyone anymore!

“Nevertheless, there are still so many questions echoing in my head that I can’t find inner peace… For example the unanswered question from our last session: If there is no God, if the whole of existence is only ONE, called ALLAH, then why do we have to worship? I know you already gave me enough information but I need more Alph… Why do we have to worship? How does worship bring any benefit to us?”

“Jem, always keep in mind that, since the word ‘cosmos’ denotes a hidden cosmic consciousness, apart from which nothing else exists, it becomes evident that nothing that is seemingly in existence is out of place, faulty or unnecessary… Do you agree?”


“Therefore, every action, due to the mechanics of the system, will have an automatic consequence… That is, every word you speak or action you make will result in a natural consequence, which you will inescapably have to pay… Hence, every person lives the consequences of their own doings… As you would say ‘what goes around, comes around’ and ‘you reap what you sow’…

“So, let us first understand this notion really well, that every person will sooner or later face the consequences of their actions. Since this is the case, it is logical to assume that first we need to engage in the actions that will lead to the consequences that we desire.

“Next, you must become fully cognizant of how your brain works. If you understand the mechanics of your brain, you will know why worship is necessary and what purpose it serves. On the contrary, your lack of comprehension will lead you to neglect many things, for which you will have to pay in the long run.”

“So what is the relation between the brain and worship?”

“Your brain is like a computer that runs on bioelectrical energy. Everything that you eat or drink, as you know, is converted into this energy that acts as a fuel for your body. While some of this bioelectrical energy obtained from your food is used towards fueling the body, some of it is used in the production of your spirit. So, once the food you eat is converted into bioelectrical energy and reaches the brain, it undergoes further conversion and becomes wave energy to be used in spirit production.”

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