The 3rd Encounter

After his last class for the day, Jem hastily walked out of the school, almost as if he was running away from the people and all humanly relations. It’s not that he was overly enthusiastic to see Alpheither. He just wanted to be in a quiet place and sort through all the new information on his mind.

First he caught the bus to the city center and from there he walked down to the shore. A ferry was about to leave to one of the distant villages in the outer city. He jumped on without too much thought. It was a sunny day so he sat on the outside of the ferry. After he settled down, he took his tie off and put it in his bag and, feeling a little freed from the restraints of humanity, he drifted…

If everything in the cosmos was relative could there even be ‘a reality’?

Everything existed in relation to another thing. Winter was only winter in relation to summer; cold existed relative to hot; many were valid in respect of the one; immortality was only substantial relative to mortality.

What if one was able to rise above the narrow view of relativity? Would these opposing notions still exist?

According to science, wasn’t the world, when viewed in respect of matter, an appearance of the various compositions of these ‘opposing’ bits of data?

When water is heated it becomes gas and forms the clouds… When cooled it solidifies and becomes ice or it becomes snow and rains down, then it melts and becomes liquid, and then the process repeats itself… But this example was a little outdated… A more befitting example for today was energy… Wavelengths of undetectably high frequency perpetually underwent transformation to form an atom with a nucleus and a single electron that eventually formed other atoms, transforming unity into multiplicity, then forming the molecule, and finally the emergence of simple matter...

On the other hand, two different acids took the same name and shape of life and formed the cells, ultimately reaching its pinnacle in the universes most developed cell population, the human brain. And then the gradual fall of this ‘brain of eminence’ and its ultimate return to soil…

And… Yes, and..?

And the ‘human’ of course! How did humans form? What was ‘human’? Did it develop simultaneous with the body? Did ‘human’ turn back into soil? What exactly was a human?

“That is indeed the hardest part to solve for you people,” said Alph as he suddenly appeared sitting next to Jem with his feet resting on the ferry’s steel bars exactly as Jem had his…

Though he should have been used to these sudden appearances by now, Jem still felt a sudden chill but immediately pulled himself together.

“In Essence!”

“In Essence, Jem… Our greeting is growing on you I see” Alph joked.

“Yes, actually, I like it very much… Especially its meaning…” Jem said as he exchanged a smile with Alph, then promptly returning to his earlier predicament, he asked with almost a pleading tone: “Can you please clarify this? This is probably one of the most indecipherable subjects for me.”

“You’re right. It is an undecipherable for everyone, except those who attain the higher states of living and who get to observe it from a higher level of consciousness… Let me explain…

“When the Universal Intellect wants to manifest a unit, or a ‘meaning’, that particular bit of data solidifies as energy, thereby commencing its journey to fulfill its purpose, that is exhibit its meaning holistically, or self-actualize… We can also call this its ‘fate’.

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