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Twenty Years Later...

“After twenty arduous years of studying, you now think you can ‘read’ the Quran, don’t you, Jem?” Alph was asking…

“Yes, I think I finally understand what these verses actually mean..!”

“Just like the earlier scholars and interpreters, I see…”

“What is that supposed to mean, Alph? I do a thorough research on the root meaning of the words, and diligently put them together in a holistic way in order to discern their meaning…”

“Exactly, Jem! That is exactly what you’re doing, just like all the other copyist interpreters!”

“Alph, please! You disappear for twenty years and on the very night you come back you manage to complicate everything and start confusing me! How else can I do it for goodness sake? I am doing my best to draw out the most comprehensive meanings… What else can I do with a twenty year accumulation of knowledge and a brain that works like a computer?”

“Nothing! You can’t DO anything, but you can BE something! You are still living as ‘Jem’… Undress from the Jem identity, and BE the knowledge that you are reading and writing! Experience that moment and event, rather than preaching about it… Only then you will understand what all those things you read and talk about are actually pointing to!”

“Alph! Are you serious! I’ve given my all to studying these teachings!”

“Indeed… Just like a perfect copyist!”

“Come on, Alph! That’s not fair… You’re ridiculing me!”

“If it is the truth that ridicules you, then so be it! Would you rather live in denial and make your transition to the other side as a blind imitator, or be ridiculed now and wake up to the reality so that you can change dimensions as someone who has LIVED the reality?”

“So all these years I spent in study were all for nothing? Is that what you’re saying?”

“If all your work in all these years can aid you to see what a fine imitator you have become then it would have served a good purpose, don’t you think?

“And what will happen to all my knowledge and understanding?”

“Those were your interpretations according to your database! Now try and experience that knowledge rather than intellectualizing it!”

“Oh, Alph… how can you do this to me, after all these years?”

“I’m sorry, my friend, but if I don’t do this now, you’re going to continue fooling yourself about being an enlightened, blissful mortal; blindly living in your illusory paradise!”

“And what will become of me now, Alph?”

“Perhaps you will now begin to realize the reality of a situation through identifying the being with the event and begin to live a multi-dimensional life where ‘you’ become ‘them’ and start living in their essence. After this you will experience a new sense of magnification, which is necessary to abandon the ‘imitators’ class and walk through the Gates of Truth!”

“You have no idea how I feel right now, Alph… I’m in ruins… After all these years of hard work..!”

“Don’t forget, I can become ‘you’ hence I feel you and know exactly what you are experiencing. Great disappointments always arise after encountering great truths. The more disappointments you live, the more truth you would have discovered, so this is to your advantage!”

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