“Are you saying humans are like androids?”

“According to each other humans are free… but are they reallyfree is the question…”

“Ok then, let me ask you this, Alph: Are humans responsible?”

“What exactly do you mean by responsible?”

“I mean, will they be accountable for their actions?”

“A few things need to be clarified first… when you say ‘accountable’, by ‘whom’ will they be called to account? Doesn’t this person or being already know the answers that he feels he must ask the person why he did a particular thing? Is he asking to learn?”

“If we believe in the existence of an All-Powerful Being who created mankind, then we must also accept that He is All-Knowing, as one who creates something will no doubt know the nature and potential of his creation!”

“Then it is not a matter of calling to account for the purpose of learning something.”


“Then it becomes obvious that ‘being accountable’ for one’s actions does not mean ‘giving account’ or ‘answers’ for their actions… So then, what does being accountable mean?”

“Could it mean living the consequences of one’s actions, I wonder?”

“Would it not be more appropriate to seek the answer for how humans were formed and developed first, Jem? For if we can answer the question of what drives human behavior, we may be in a better position to understand accountability and whether human behavior results from free choice or compulsion…”

“Ok, that sounds good to me. So how are humans formed? I’m not asking in the medical sense of course… We already know all of that…”

“You do know that the Earth is perpetually prone to radiation from the countless amounts of cosmic rays coming from space?”

“Yes, some of them do not actually pass through the atmosphere; they get refracted or reflected, but many others do reach the Earth. In fact, most of them permeate through the whole of the Earth in a second and continue their travel throughout space!”

“And you are aware of the influences the rays coming from the sun cause on Earth?”


“Even the moon has profound effects on the Earth…”

“Yes, especially when it’s a full moon, humans tend to be a little more tense and nervous…

“When I first found out that Rasulullah saw used to observe the practice of fasting on the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth of every month, I thought it may have something to do with this. I assumed fasting on the days when the moon’s magnetic power is significantly high, acts like a protective shield for the human body.”

“Not only the moon and the sun, but all of the planets in your solar system and the constellations to which you refer as ‘star signs’, the actual reality of which you have no idea, are constantly emitting radiation and influencing the beings on Earth! That is, the cosmic rays they emanate have profound effects on the composition and conduct of plants and animals.”

“Wait a minute… are you saying that human composition and behavior are driven by the stars?”

“Indeed… Although your science and technology are not yet adequate enough to detect it. In this field, the knowledge of humanity has not developed beyond the primitive state of the primates who first discovered fire!”

“A few minutes ago, you mentioned the shuttle that we have sent to Uranus and how we have been able to retrieve information about all the planets it encounters on its way in space… How can you now compare humanity, who has succeeded in such an accomplishment, with primates who discovered fire? How can you even say such a thing?”

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