The 5th Encounter

Jem was sitting by the sea. His last lesson had finished at 3pm. Alph had not visited him in over a day and his absence was making Jem weary in the way someone might have withdrawal symptoms from an addiction…

Looking out at sea, he was strenuously trying to collect his thoughts…

For years I’ve been fighting over light bulbs, comparing their shapes, colors and sizes, never once thinking about the purpose they serve, never once acknowledging electricity! Despite their diversity in appearance, all light bulbs are the same in essence…

And how about waves? Some are high and some are low, some are right-curved, some are left-curved, some clash into each other, some break away, but all of this takes place in appearance only… Essentially, all of it is water that we have called ‘the ocean’. In other words, waves are merely the different appearances of water that comprises the ocean, are they not?

“Indeed, you’re on the right track, Jem, keep going... In Essence!”

“What?.. In Essence, Alph!”

“Isn’t the structure called the cosmos comprised purely of energy becoming more and more dense via electromagnetic waves until finally materializing… just like the shapes of the waves in the ocean..?”

“Yes, very much so… Just like a wave in the ocean that does not have a separate existence, that is not different from the rest of the water in the ocean, but we give it a ‘name’ as though it has a separate individual existence… The cosmos is an ocean of energy and all material beings are like the waves in this ocean…

“But what form was pure energy in before it got wavy?”

“Pure energy was in the image of the cosmic consciousness before it started forming waves… and it still is as it always was…”

“What do you mean?”

“Energy was in the image of the consciousness we reference as the Universal Intellect or the cosmic consciousness… When oceans and waves started to form in the image of this consciousness, energy was yet again released from the image of this intellect, and hence the cosmos started forming layer by layer.

“Based on this, we can discern that, the life attribute of the cosmos that we call ‘energy’ also originates from the image of this consciousness. In respect to this cosmic consciousness, the whole of existence comprises purely of energy and is nothing more than a dream!

“That consciousness comprises one point, an absolute darkness, the unknown or an unfathomable phenomenon. It is naught. It is void. It is as It is.”[1]

“And is it still as it always was?”

“Of course! As one of you had once said… Come to think of it, don’t worry about that for now.”

“OK, so, are you saying the whole of the cosmos is just a dream in reality?”

“Not in respect to you or me, but in respect to the waves that owe their existence to energy which comprised the cosmos in the thoughts of the cosmic consciousness. In other words, in respect to ‘nothingness’ it is all a dream… The cosmos is an almighty tree that has grown from the seed of nothingness… Its leaves are the waves of the cosmos. Only he who can travel to the furthermost tip of the branch at the highest point of the tree can realize the tree is actually a dream… The truth is, he who realizes is a dream, just like that which is realized is a dream..!

“Nothing is real but the Absolute One who created the imagination and observed Itself through it, yet who is nevertheless far beyond the imagination or the dream!”

[1]  This phrase has been thoroughly covered in my book Muhammad’s Allah.

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