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A Galaxy Far Far Away…

“Oh, you mean the planet Earth? But that’s where the primitive humans live! They spend their entire lives competing in arrogance and showing off to one another. Their biggest aspiration is to establish their superiority by dominating each other!”

“Yes, but Aynha didn’t you recently tell me that Dabaddah and a number of others like him were also living on Earth?”

“I did, Alph. However, their numbers are so few that, compared to the rest of the humans on Earth, they’re like the size of Earth’s satellite, the moon, compared to the Milky Way!”

“Aynha… you do think there are other intelligent beings in the universe besides the earthlings and us, don’t you?”

“Of course there are, Alph! In fact, there are countless others. Take the Setrians for example… They’re from the stars in the solar system, though they don’t have a densified material body like the earthlings, though some of them can appear in other densified forms from time to time.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Listen, Alph, you’re still a beginner. It’s impossible for you to comprehend everything at once. In time you will learn to connect the pieces together and manifest the works of the Universal Intellect… Your exam is next month. If you pass it, you will have the opportunity to make contact with earthlings and examine their lifestyle for some time, after which you will travel to Setri and examine the lifestyle of the Setrians… But as I said, all of this depends on how well you go in your exam.”

“I promise you, Aynha, I’m going to successfully pass the exam and deserve to go on this trip!”

“In Essence, Alph!”

“In Essence, Aynha!”


Idepia is the supreme star of the Kurgaz constellation. According to earthly sciences, however, it is not even considered a star, simply because it doesn’t have a material structure or appearance. Due to their underdeveloped senses (or the only five senses they’ve developed) earthlings give importance only to the materialized aspects of existenceand base their inferences on samples they have seen…

Although a few of their scientists, who seem to be slightly more mentally developed than the rest, have discovered the radial force beyond what seems to be matter and have asserted that it was the very fabric constituting matter, unfortunately the rest of the earthlings have not been able to free themselves from their primitive five-sense-perception ideology to appreciate this discovery.

Idepia, in the language of the five-sense restricted earthlings, is known as a star of ‘radial mass’ the capacity of which is becoming bigger and more empowered by the day, due to its intelligent radial inhabitants.

The Universal Intellect that created existence has endowed these individual units of energy with the power and intellect from Its very own essence… Each of these individuals is able to attain as much power as the scope of their comprehension allows them to. Thus, the Universal Intellect experiences and observes Itself through these energy entities.

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