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Just as the knowledge of flyingis unknown, if not incomprehensible, for a pupa in a cocoon awaiting its metamorphosis, the extraordinary knowledge of the greater realities of existence can also seem beyond the reach of an ‘ordinary’ person.

In this book, an ordinary man, who has spent his life enquiring into the reality of existence, is exposed to some extraordinary information through ‘galactic guidance’, to help him crack open his cocoon and become emancipated. But, is he ready to hear it? Will he be able to cope? Will the knowledge of the “universal mysteries” begin his transformation or cause him to burrow further into his cocoon?

“Universal Mysteries” originally written in 1977, is a powerful example of Ahmed Hulusi’s remarkable foresight, exposing its readers to phenomenal information that, even after decades, proves to be outstandingly exceptional.

It has been both an insightful and a delightful experience translating this book. If you have been yearning for answers regarding some of the most basic yet complex issues about the universe and our place in it, you will want to read this book. On the basis, of course, that you abandon your accumulated preconditionings and allow yourself a fresh view on things. For, as it turns out, breakthroughs occur only when one is able to view things in a completely different, new way.


                                                                                                          Aliya Atalay

                                                                                                          Sydney, 2011

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