“Had your scientists examined the various incoming cosmic rays from space and their impact on the brains of humans and animals instead of sending a shuttle to Uranus, perhaps they would have discerned the effects and modification these rays render on your DNA molecules, leading you to be at a very different place altogether…

“The door that opens to peace and happiness for humanity is not in space but in the human brain!

“Humans will reach peace and happiness only to the extent that they develop their brains, otherwise, their sufferings will not end.”

“Just a minute… We know that the human brain comprises approximately one hundred billion neurons, of which, the great majority of us use only about four or five per cent. The rest is unused capacity. In fact, even the greatest geniuses to have ever walked on Earth used about ten per cent of their brain capacity at most. But what has any of this to do with the stars?”

“Listen, Jem, from all the topics we have covered so far, this one is probably going to be the most complicated one for you to understand because you have no prior knowledge in this field. Hence, it is normal that you will have difficulty comprehending it.

“I’m going to try and explain the matter in very simple terms: As you know, the initial formation of a human being occurs when the sperm of a male unites with the egg of a female… At this point of intimate unity, the brains of the male and the female become completely susceptible to the cosmic rays that are penetrating through the Earth at that very instant. When these rays permeate through the brains of the couple, it also leaves its effect on the egg, and hence the baby, for the very first time!

“Approximately one hundred and twenty days later, when the fetus has somewhat formed a little more, the second round of cosmic programming takes place!

“Finally, at the moment of birth, that is, when the baby leaves their mother’s protective field of magnetic energy and defenselessly enters the world, the baby’s brain is charged with the final round of cosmic programming…

“Now, during these three blasts of radiation, certain groups of neurons become activated in the baby’s brain, whereby, the brain either begins its activity with the ability to receive certain waves or without it. In his later years, he will be able to carry out the tasks that are in agreement with the initial configuration he received as a baby with ease and success, while on the other hand, display adverse behavior upon receiving waves that oppose his initial configuration.


“For example, if the baby’s creativity and entertainment channels were activated more than his contemplation channels, he will have a natural inclination towards creative talents…”

“Alph, these may be true, in fact I’m sure they are true, but due to my lack of knowledge in this field, I must ask a few questions. They may seem simple and stupid, so please forgive my ignorance… But how is it that stars can direct our brains so much?”

“No, Jem, it isn’t just you. Unfortunately your entire race lacks knowledge in this field. Only a few noble ones have deciphered this truth amongst your kind, and they disclosed it through symbolic language. Apart from them, the rest of you are pretty ignorant in this field. But this isn’t something to be ashamed of, as we are all ignorant in many areas that we have no knowledge of yet. The important thing is to be open-minded and ready to upgrade ourselves and our knowledge at all times.

“Now let’s talk about the stars…

“There are essentially four types of rays that have effect on the humans. These four rays influence humans in two ways: internally and externally. By internal I mean the person’s state of existence, and by external I mean his relations with his environment.

“The radiation the baby receives in his mother’s womb shapes the person’s internal being, whereas the radiation he receives when he leaves the womb, that is, at the moment of birth, has profound effects on the person’s relationships and behavior in regards to his environment.

“Some humans have referenced these as fire, air, water and earth in the past.”

“As in literally fire, earth, water and air as we know them?”

“No, no… they have been used symbolically because the qualities pertaining to these four types of radiation bring about similar characteristic traits to these four elements...”

“Well, can you give an example? What is my type for instance?”

“You are air and fire.”

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