The 8th Encounter

The last session with Alph had really sent Jem spinning. Every session was a paradigm shift for him, but this last one was exceptional!

He still could not get over how he had only thought of astrology as some fortune telling technique! Based on what Alph was saying, it was an actual branch of science!

If the mind is subject to a constant flux of cosmic radiation permeating from the constellations in space, then astrology must be a science involved in “fate” and “destiny.” But Jem had so many questions and hesitations about this topic. Could fate, or destiny, really be true and valid? Perhaps destiny was the programming, or the mechanism of directing the mind towards a specified purpose via the cosmic radiation pen…

I wonder if destiny is subject to change, he thought… I wonder if a person can actually alter his or her destinyAnd if this isn’t possible, then how could people be responsible for doing something wrong and be punished for it? If the brain is programmed with and is constantly fed with new astrological data, is there any way one can take some kind of precaution? All else aside, what was the answer to this question: What, with the pen of astrology, is determined and written as someone’s fate, and what cannot be considered as fate or destiny?

Jem spent days pondering over this conundrum, when Alph suddenly appeared and joined Jem as he was taking a walk…

“Your mind seems to be preoccupied as always, Jem…”

“In essence, Alph”

“In essence, Jem!”

“Alph, for years we have thought of astrology as a way of fortune telling, we never really considered it to be of notable value, but you have pretty much established its place as an actual branch of science! Astrology has a history of thousands of years, and many faculties are now being established in its name in the West, but I am so ignorant in this field of knowledge! I have so many questions to ask…. Like, for example, how is it that certain constellations in space program our minds via the rays they permeate? Can you please explain this to me?”

“Jem, as I told you, your knowledge pertaining to the brain is quite primitive, but I will do my best to explain it in a way that you will understand…

“Your ancestors, that is, those who lived around three or four thousand years ago, were the first to comprehend this science. When they picked up on the effects the stars had on human behavior, they conducted certain studies and research to confirm their findings and further their knowledge in this area. Consequently, they divided the solar system into twelve portions and named each one according to symbolic images, hence devising the twelve signs of the zodiac. There are actually many more than twelve but, as the effects of the others have also been included in these twelve groups, the results do not differ.

“So, these waves of various frequencies radiating from the constellations are perpetually affecting your planet. There are some rays that beam right through your planet and everything on it within only a few seconds before continuing their path throughout space… Your brain is bombarded with all these various frequencies of cosmic rays while you are still in your mother’s womb!

“These cosmic rays even alter the genes in your DNA and RNA molecules, hence effectuating certain programming within your very being. Mutation, caused by the stimulation of genes by cosmic rays, is the underlying reason of the diversion of races and species. The people in ages past, in an attempt to denote this reality, have said: ‘the angels have a way of affecting humanity and other beings to drive them in the direction of the sacred plan’. All leaps pertaining to species and race, that science has not yet been able to decipher, are derived from these angels, or ‘astrological influences’ in the form of cosmic rays!”

“But is our destiny etched into our existence?”

“What a silly question, Jem! Please just follow what I’m telling you…

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