Humanity has undergone huge advancements from the primitive notion that the Earth is flat and the center of the universe, to the realization that it is merely one of four hundred billion other stars in a galaxy among billions of other galaxies!

Nonetheless, the majority of humans still believe that existence comprises only what is perceived through the five senses. They spend their entire lives in pursuit of acquiring material and superficial values, all of which, ironically, they leave behind.

Indeed, the materialists whose minds are limited by the extent of their sight, suppose that all of space, with all its galaxies and multi-dimensional universes, is empty and unconscious, while they, the perfect ones (!), spend their lives happily assuming the position of kings and queens in their tiny little material worlds.

So, why did I write this book in a time like this? What is the message I’m trying to give? Is this book a product of imagination or fantasy? Is it fiction or a book of science? Is it a message trying to shed some light on the real values beyond the limited world of the five senses? Or is it something else altogether?

As you read this book that I wrote towards the end of the 1970s, I assume you will be faced with a completely different world, and will want to finish reading immediately! I also assume you will want to re-read it, pausing from time to time to ponder on the messages it contains. Perhaps you will debate about these topics with the people around you, or perhaps you are not going to muster the courage to mention it to anyone…

It was desired that these truths be told, written and presented to the worlds of thinkers.

And so it was!

Let this new horizon bring all of us happiness.

IN ESSENCE we are all ONE!




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