“You mean I am a mixture of the two?”

“No, you are air internally and fire externally…”

“But how can you know that?”

“This is a matter of perception and understanding… There are two ways to attain this knowledge: The first is through ‘comprehensive foresight’, that is, the ability to immediately recognize the structural qualities of the person across you. Of course, this is a very rare skill!

“The second and more common way is through comparison. Based on the person’s date and time of birth you can easily calculate which planet was radiating its energy most dominantly at that instant to discern the person’s internal type. As for the external, you can check the planet that was rising at the instant of birth.

“Although I said you were internally air and externally fire, there are three signs that are air and three signs that are fire, so which of these are you?”

“Good question…”

“When I teach you the technique you can calculate this very easily, but I won’t leave you in suspense: You have been given a body vehicle that is internally Aquarius and externally Sagittarius.”

“Does everyone have a different type? What is Gonul for example?”

“She is internally air and externally water! We can also say her sun sign is air and her rising sign or ‘ascendant’ is water.”

“What is ‘ascendant’?”

“The ascendant is the sign that is residing on the horizon at the moment of one’s birth…”

“Ok, so how is Gonul air and water? Are they both the same sign?”

“No, her sun sign is Gemini and her ascendant is Scorpio… The element of the former is air and the latter is water. Let me give you a brief summary. There are twelve signs in the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

“The elements of each of these twelve signs are either fire, earth, air or water. If you start at Aries and assign an element to each one in this order, you will get: Aries-fire, Taurus-earth, Gemini-air, Cancer-water, Leo-fire, Virgo-earth, Libra-air, Scorpio-water, Sagittarius-fire, Capricorn-earth, Aquarius-air, Pisces-water.

“Some people may only have one element dominant in their make-up and others, like you, may have more than one. Different arrangements of these signs and elements yield different characteristics!”

“And this applies to everyone?”

“Yes, every person falls into one of these categories. In fact, this is what lies behind the sympathy or antipathy people feel towards one another.

“Those whose signs and elements are compatible feel sympathy and attraction towards one another, while those who are incompatible feel an antipathy or some form of distance and aloofness towards each other.”

“Can you explain this a little more?”

“For example, those whose dominant elements are fire or air will be drawn to each other, and those whose elements are water or earth will be drawn to each other. What your kind refers to as a ‘soul partner’ is the compatibility that arises from these qualities.”

“How about when we feel a sudden affinity or repulsion towards someone we don’t even know. Could this also be the result of the same thing?”


“What do these elements symbolize? I mean, why fire, air, water, and earth? What do they mean?”

“Those who are from the fire element have the tendency to be a little conceited and boastful, they like to feel superior and can be stubborn. They want to be dominant, or the ‘leader’ in their dealings with their environment. They are inclined towards pleasurable and luxurious lifestyles.

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