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Glossary of Sufi Terms

Al-Adl: The One who provides each of His manifestations their due right in consonance with their creation program. The One who is absolutely free from unjustness or tyranny.

Al-Afuw: The One who forgives all offences except for ‘duality’ (shirq); the failure to recognize the reality of non-duality prevents the activation of the name al-Afuw.

Ahadiyyah: The absolute oneness of existence.

Ahlul Haqiqah: The intimates of the reality.

Ahlul Tahqiq: The people of authenticity.

Al-Akhir: The infinitely subsequent One, to all creation.

Al-Aleem: The One who, with the quality of His knowledge, infinitely knows everything in every dimension with all its facets.

Al-Aliy: The Highest (or the Sublime). The sublime One who observes existence from the point of reality (essence).

Allah: Such a name... It points to UluhiyyahUluhiyyah encompasses two realities. HU which denotes Absolute Essence (dhat) and the realm of infinite points in which every single point is formed by the act of observing knowledge through knowledge. This act of observing is such that each point signifies an individual composition of Names.

Aql al-Awwal: The First Intellect; the first disclosure of universal consciousness.

Aql al-Qull: The Universal Intellect; universal consciousness.

Arsh: Throne. Denotes universal prolificacy, though not in terms of the perceived   material world.

Ashraf al-Mahluq: The most honored of all creation.

Al-Awwal: The first and initial state of existence, the essential Name.

Al-Aziz: The One who, with His unchallengeable might, disposes as He wishes. The One whose will to do as He likes, nothing can oppose. This name works in parallel with the name Rabb. The Rabb attribute carries out the demands of the Aziz attribute!

Al-Azim: The magnificent glory beyond any manifestation’s capacity of comprehension.

Al-Badee: The incomparable beauty and the originator of beautiful manifestation! The One who originates innumerable manifestations, all with unique and exclusive qualities, and without any example, pattern, specimen etc.

Al-Baith: The One who constantly transforms new dimensions of existence.

Al-Basit: The One who opens and expands; the One who enables dimensional and in-depth sight.

Al-Basir: The One who is constantly observing His manifestations and evaluating their outputs.

Al-Bari: The One who fashions all of creation (from micro to macro) with unique functions and designs yet all in conformity with the whole, like the harmonious functioning of all the different organs in the body!

Al-Barr: The One who eases the actualization of   individual temperaments and natural dispositions.

Al-Batin: The unperceivable reality within the perceivable manifestation! The source of the unknown (AwwalAkhirZahirBatinHU!)

Al-Baqi: The Everlasting. The One who exists beyond the concept of time.

Barzakh: The intermediary dimension.

B-izni-hi: (by permission of Allah) The suitability of the Name composition comprising his essence.

Ad-Darr: The One who afflicts individuals with various distressing situations (sickness, suffering, trouble) in order to make them turn to Himself!

D’hul Fadhlul Azim: Possessor of great bounty.

D’hul-Jalali Wal-ikram: The One who makes individuals experience their ‘nothingness’ by enabling them to comprehend the reality that they were created from ‘naught’ and then bestowing them ‘Eternity’ by allowing them to observe the manifestations of the Names comprising their essence.

Dhu’l Quwwati’l Matin:  Possessor of enduring strength.

Arham-ar-rahimeen: The One who manifests the infinite qualities of His Names with His grace.

Fath: Self-conquest.

Al-Fattah:  The One who generates expansion within individuals. The One who enables the recognition and observation of Reality, and hence, that there is no inadequacy, impairment, or mistake in the engendered existence. The One who expands one’s vision and activity, and enables their proper usage. The One who enables the recognition and use of the unrecognized (overseen).

Fuad: Heart - heart neurons. The reflectors of the Names to the brain.

Furqan: The ability and knowledge to differentiate the right from the wrong or the criterion by which the reality may be differentiated from falsity.

Gabriel: The disclosure of the knowledge of Allah.

Al-Gaffar: The One who, as requisites of divine power or wisdom, ‘conceals’ the inadequacies of     those who recognize their shortcomings and wish to be freed from their consequences. The One who forgives.

Al-Ghafur: The One who’s Mercy should never be doubted or given up on. The One who enables necessary cleansing and triggers the name Rahim to bestow blessings.

Al-Ghani: The One who is beyond being labeled and limited by the manifestations of His Names, as He is Great (Akbar) and beyond all concepts. The One who is infinitely abundant with His Names.

Al-Habir: The One who is aware of the manifestations of His Names at all times. The One who allows his manifestations to discern the level of their comprehension via their outputs.

Al-Hadi: The guide to the truth. The One who allows individuals to live according to their reality. The articulator of the truth. The guide to reality.

Al-Hafiz: The One who provides all requirements to preserve and maintain existence.

Al-Hakam: The Absolute Judge whose judgment (verdict) is irresistibly applied.

Al-Hakim: The One whose power of knowledge appears under the guise of ‘causes’, hence creating causality and leading to the perception of multiplicity.

Al-Halim: The One who refrains from giving sudden (impulsive) reactions to events, but rather evaluates all situations in respect of their purpose of manifestation.

Hamd: The evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills.

Al-Hamid: The One who observes and evaluates His universal perfection on worldly forms manifested by His Name al-Waliyy.

Al-Haqq: The absolute and unequivocal reality! The source and essence of every function in manifestation!

Al-Hasib: The One who maintains individuality by holding them to account of their behavioral output through the mechanics of ‘consequence’.

Al-Hayy: The source of names! The One who gives life to the Names and manifests them. The source of universal energy, the essence of energy!

Hu: Whether via revelation or through consciousness, HU is the inner essence of the reality of everything that is perceived... To such extent that, as the reflection of Akbariyyah, first awe then nothingness is experienced and, as such, the Reality of Hu can never be attained! Sight cannot reach HU! HU denotes absolute obscurity and incomprehension! As a matter of fact, all names, including Allah are mentioned in connection with HU in the Quran!

Huda: Guidance; enabling the comprehension of one’s essential reality.

Ind’Allah: From Allah; the forces that are revealed through dimensional emergence to consciousness from the Names of Allah that comprise one’s essence.

Insan al-Kamil: The Perfect Man.

Isra: The supersensible and dimensional travel by night.

Al-Jabbar: The One whose will is compelling. The corporeal worlds (engendered existence) are compelled to comply with His demands! There is no room for refusal. This ‘jabr’ (compelling) quality will inevitably express itself and apply its laws through the essence of beings.

Al-Jalil: The One who, with His magnificent comprehensiveness and perfection, is the sultan of the world of acts.

Al-Jami: The One who observes the whole of existence as a multi-dimensional single frame in His Knowledge. The One who gathers creation according to the purpose and function of their creation.

Al-Kabir: The magnitude of the worlds He created with His Names are incomprehensible.

Kashf al-Nurani: Enlightened discovery.

Kashf al-Dhulmani: Purification through suffering.

Al-Karim: The exceedingly generous and bountiful One who bestows His bounties even upon those who deny His existence. The ability to READ (iqra) is only possible through the activation of this Name, which lies dormant within the essence of every individual.

Al-Khafid: The One who abases. The One who capacitates a state of existence which is far from reality. The creator of the ‘asfali safileen’ (the lower state of existence). The former of the vision of ‘multiplicity’ to conceal the reality.

Al-Khaliq: The ONE Absolute Creator! The One who brings individuals into the existence from nothingness, with His Names! Everything al-Khaliq creates has a purpose to fulfill, and according to this unique purpose, possesses a natural predisposition and character. Hence it has been said: “characterize yourselves with the character of Allah” (Tahallaku biakhlakillah) to mean: Live in accordance with the awareness that you are comprised of the structural qualities of the Names of Allah!

Kitab al-Mubin: The Clear Book.

Kursi: Footstool – the actualization and dominance of the reality of the Names.

Ladun: The potential of the Names comprising one’s essence.

Al-Latif: The One who is subtly present in the depths of every manifestation. The One whose favors are plentiful.

Al-Maalik’ul-Mulk: The One who governs His Sovereignty as He wishes without having to give account to any individual.

Mahshar: The place of gathering.

Maiyyah: Unity of existence.

Al-Majeed: The One whose majestic glory is evident through His magnificent manifestations!

Al-Majid: The magnificent and glorious One with unrestricted, infinite generosity and     endowment (benevolence).

Mala-i A’la: The Exalted Assembly.

Al-Maleek: The Sovereign One, who manifests His Names as he wishes and governs them in the world of acts as He pleases. The one who has providence over all things.

Al-Mani: The One who prevents those from attaining things they do not deserve!

Manna: The force of power in the names of Allah comprising your essence.

Marifah: Gnosis.

Al-Matin: The One who sustains the world of acts, the steadfast, the creator of robustness and stability, the provider of strength and resistance!

Mawla: Protector.

Michael: The force that guides to and enables the attainment of both physical and spiritual sustenance.

Al-Mu’akhkhir: The One who delays manifestation in consonance with His name al-Hakim.

Al-Mubdi: The One who originates the whole of creation in the corporeal worlds, all with exclusive and unique qualities.

Al-Mudhill: The One who exposes dishonor in some and degrades below others. The One who deprives from honorable qualities and compels to humiliation with the veil of ‘I’ness (ego).

Al-Mughni: The One who enriches individuals and raises them above others in wealth and emancipates them. The One who enriches with His own riches. The One who grants the beauty of infinity (baqa) which results from ‘fakr’ (nothingness).

Al-Muhaymin: The One who maintains and protects the manifestations of His Names with His own system. Al-Muhaymin also designates the One who safeguards and protects (the trust).

Al-Muhsi: The creator of the ‘forms’ (micro to macro) comprising the seeming multiplicities, each equipped with unique qualities and attributes, within UNITY.

Al-Muhyi: The One who enlivens and enlightens! The One who enables the continuation of the individual’s life through the application of knowledge and the observation of one’s essential reality.

Al-Mu’id: The One who restores life to those who turn back to their essence.

Al-Mu’izz: The Giver of Honor. The One who bestows honor to whom he wishes and holds them in esteem over others.

Al-Mujib: The One who unequivocally responds to all who turn towards Him (in prayer and invocation) and provides their needs.

Al-Mu’min: The One who enables the awareness that He, by respect of His Names, is beyond what is perceived. This awareness reflects upon us as ‘faith’ (iman). All believers, including Rasuls and angels, have their faith rested upon this awareness, which frees the mind from the enslavement of illusion. While illusion can deter the mind, which uses comparison to operate, it becomes powerless and ineffective     in the sight of faith.

Muqarraboon: Those who have attained the state of divine closeness.

Al-Muntaqim: The One who makes individuals live the consequences of their actions that impede in the realization of their essence.

Al-Mumit: The One who enables a ‘taste’ (experience)

Al-Mutakabbir: The One to whom the word ‘I’ exclusively belongs. Absolute ‘I’ness belongs only to Him. Whoever, with the word ‘I’, accredits a portion of this Absolute ‘I’ness to himself, thereby concealing the ‘I’ness comprising his essence and fortifying his own relative ‘I’ness, will pay its consequence with ‘burning’ (suffering). Majesty (Absolute ‘I’ness) is His attribute alone.

Al-Musawwir: The fashioner of forms. The One who exhibits ‘meanings’ as ‘forms’ and devises the mechanism in the perceiver to perceive them.

Al-Muqeet: The One who facilitates the expression of the Name al-Hafiz by providing the necessary material and spiritual platform for it.

Al-Muqaddim: The One who expedites (or prioritizes) the manifestation of Names according to their purpose of creation.

Al-Muqsit: The One who applies justice, as the requirement of His Uluhiyya, by endowing every individual their due, based on their unique creation purpose.

Al-Muqtadir: The Determiner. The absolute possessor of all power pertaining to creation, governance, and disposition.

Al-Muta’ali: The limitless, boundless Supreme One, whose supremacy encompasses everything! The One whose reality can never be duly reflected by any engendered, conceptualized existence. The One who is beyond being limited by any mind or intellect.

Muttaqeen: Those who live in line with their essential reality.

An-Nafi: The One who prompts individuals to engage in good thoughts and actions to aid them towards beneficent and auspicious outcomes.

Nafs: Self, individual consciousness.

Nafs-i Ammarah: The Inciting Self.

Nafs-i Lawwama: The Self-Accusing Self.

Nafs-i Mulhima: The Inspired Self.

Nafs-i Mutmainna: The Peaceful Self.

Nafs-i Radhiya: The Pleased Self.

Nafs-i Mardhiya: The Pleasing Self.

Nafs-i Safiya: The Pure Self.

Names: Divine Names – structural and compositional qualities comprising existence.

Nubuwwah: The function of enabling people to read and apply the necessary practices of the system of Allah.

An-Nur: The Knowledge that is the source and essence of everything! The essence of everything is Nur; everything is comprised of knowledge. Life subsists with knowledge. Those with knowledge are the ever-living ones (Hayy), while those who lack knowledge are like living dead.

Al-Qabid: The One who exercises His verdict by retaining the essence of an individual’s Name reality. The One who restrains and enforces withdrawnness.

Al-Qadir: The One who creates (discloses, manifests) and observes His knowledge with His power without depending on causality. The One who is absolutely boundless!

Al-Qahhar: The One who executes the effects of His Name ‘Wahid’ and renders invalid the seeming existence of the relative ‘I’ness.

Al-Qayyum: The One who renders Himself existent with His own attributes, without the need of anything. Everything in existence subsists with al-Qayyum.

Al-Qawwi: The One who transforms His power into the enabling potential for the manifestation of existence (hence comprising the force of the whole of existence).

Al-Quddus: The One who is free and beyond being defined, conditioned and limited by His manifest qualities and concepts! Albeit the engendered existence is the disclosure of His Names, He is pure and beyond from becoming defined and limited by them!

Qurbiyyah: The state of divine closeness.

Rabb: The Name composition/divine qualities comprising one’s essence.

Ar-Rafi: The One who exalts. The one who elevates conscious beings to higher states of existence; to enable the realization and observation of their essential reality.

Ar-Rahman: Ar-Rahman signifies the materialization of the essence of every iota with Allah’s Names in His knowledge. In modern terms, it designates the quantum potential. It is the potential of the source of the entire creation. It is the name of the Dimension of Names! All things obtain their existence at the level of knowledge and will with the attributes denoted by this name.

Rahmaniyyah: The quantum potential.

Rahmah: Grace.

Ar-Rahim: Ar-Rahim is the Name that brings the infinite qualities of ar-Rahman into engendered existence. In this sense, it is the ‘observation’of the potential. Ar-Rahim observes itself through the forms of existence, by guiding the conscious beings to the awareness that their lives and their essential reality are comprised of and governed by the Names.

Ar-Raqib: The One who watches over and keeps under control the manifestations of His Names,  with His names, at all times.

Ar-Rashid: The guider to the right path. The One who allows individuals, who recognize their essential reality, to experience the maturity of this recognition!

Rasul: One through whom the reality is disclosed - the articulation of Allah’s knowledge.

Al-Ra’uf: The compassionate and pitying One who protects individuals who turn to Him from all kinds of behavior which may cause harm or trouble to them.

Al-Razzaq: The One who provides all necessary nutrition for the survival of any unit of manifestation regardless of its plane of existence.

Rububiyyah: Compositional qualities denoted by the Names comprising existence.

Ruhu’l Azam: The Grand Spirit; the observing One.

As-Salam: A state of emancipation from the conditions.

As-Sabur: The One who waits for each individual to execute his creation program before rendering effective the consequences of their actions. Allowing the tyranny of the tyrant to take place, i.e. activating the Name as-Sabur, is so that both the oppressor and the oppressed can duly carry out their functions before facing the consequences in full effect. Greater calamity forces the creation of increased cruelty.

Samad/Samadiyyah: The Absolutely Self-Sufficient and Whole One.

As-Sami: The One who perceives His manifestations at every instance. The One who enables awareness and comprehension.

Sayr al-Afaqi: The recognition of the universal realities.

Sayr al-Anfusi: The recognition of the individual realities or the path of the inward journey.

Shadid al-Iqab: Severe in enforcing the due consequence of an offence.

Ash-Shahid: The One who witnesses His existence through His own existence. The One who observes the disclosure of His Names and witnesses His manifestations!

Ash-Shakur: The One who allows the proper use of His bestowals in order that He may increase them. The One who enables the due evaluation of resources such that more can be attained. This name triggers the name al-Karim.

Shirq: Duality – the state of assuming the separate existence of an ‘other’ besides Allah.

Subhan: One who is beyond being limited or conditioned by any of His manifestations.

Sunnatullah: The mechanics of the system of Allah.

Tanzih: The incomparability of the divine.

Taqwa: Protecting yourself in the way of Allah from the inadequacies of your identity.

Tasbih: Glorify, exalt – to continue one’s existence through Him.

Tashbih: The similarity/comparability of the divine.

At-Tawwab: The One who guides individuals to their essence by enabling them to perceive and comprehend the reality. The One who allows individuals to repent, that is, to abandon their misdoings and to compensate for any harm that may have been caused. The activation of this Name triggers the name Rahim, and thus benevolence and beauty is experienced.

The Divine Reflections:

The Hidden – Reflection of attributes.

The Secret – Reflection of the Names.

The Spirit – Fuad: Reflectors of the Names.

The Heart – Consciousness.

The Self – Identity – Individual consciousness.

Ubudiyyah: Servitude of the ‘self’ or individual consciousness by means of fulfilling its specific function and purpose of creation.

Ulul Albab:The intimates of the reality through whom Allah hears, sees and speaks.

Al-Wahhab: The One who bestows and gives unrequitedly to those He wishes, oblivious of deservedness.

Al-Wahid: The One and only! ‘ONE’ness far beyond any concept of multiplicity. The ONE, that isn’t composed of (or can be broken into) parts (as in pantheism). The ‘ONE’ness that renders duality obsolete! The ‘ONE’ness that no mind or intellect can fully comprehend!

Al-Wakil: The One who provides the means for self-actualization. The One who advocates and protects those who place their trust in Him, providing them with the most auspicious outcomes.

Al-Wali: The One who governs according to His own verdict.

Wajh: Divine countenance.

Al-Wasi: The All-embracing. The One who embraces the whole of existence with the expressions of His Names.

Vicegerent: Conscious beings who will live with the   awareness of the Names.

Al-Wadud: The creator of attraction. The creator of unconditional and unrequited love. The essence within every beloved!

Al-Wajid: The One whose qualities and attributes are unfailingly abundant. The manifest One. The One, from which nothing lessens, despite the abundance of His manifestations.

Al-Waliyy: The One who guides and enables an individual to discover their reality and to live their life in accordance to their essence. It is the source of risalah (personification of Allah’s knowledge) and nubuwwah (prophethood), which comprise the pinnacle states of sainthood (wilayah). It is the dispatcher of the perfected qualities comprising the highest point of sainthood, risalah, and the state one beneath that, nubuwwah.

Waliyy: Friend, guardian/protector.

Al-Warith: The One who manifests under various names and forms in order to inherit and protect the possessions of those who abandon all their belongings to undergo true transformation. When one form is exhausted, He continues His existence with another form.

Yakeen: The state of certainty; to be in complete submission as a result of an absolute comprehension.

a. The knowledge of certainty (ilm al-yakeen)

b. The eye of certainty (ayn al-yakeen)

c. The reality of certainty (haqq al-yakeen)

Az-Zahir: The self-evident One, the explicit, unequivocal and perceivable manifestation.

Zawj: While its most common usage is to mean ‘partner in marriage’ it has also been used in the context of consciousness, implying the partner or equivalent of consciousness.