As mentioned before, everything is composed of atoms, and, the atoms that make up my body are no different to the atoms in another object. As such, all of us are an interconnected part of a composite compound. In other words, at the level of atoms, we are all ‘one’.

It is this reality of ‘oneness’ that invalidates the ‘empty space’ between the stars. From the realm of the atoms to the galactic dimensions, the ‘unity’ of our existence abolishes all concepts of division and emptiness.

Our eyes perceive the stars to be randomly scattered in space, separate from one another by so many light years… Whereas in reality, the stars are no more apart from one another than the individual cells in our body are to each other. On the contrary, the apparent ‘emptiness’ in space is ‘satiety!’

Whether it is our lack of knowledge, or the limitation of our senses, we fail to recognize, and duly evaluate, the galactic body and its consciousness.

Based on the reciprocal truth in the Hermetic maxim, ‘As above, so below’, it is not inappropriate to say that the ‘ego’ and the awareness, possessed by each of us, is also inherent in the galactic being of which we are a part, even though we may not be aware of it.

The place that we occupy in the universe is like the brink of the membrane surrounding the Milky Way in our local group of galaxies. There are approximately 30 galaxies in our locality. That is, 30 ‘conscious galactic beings’, perhaps a family of them!

This being the case, we can’t even be likened to a single cell in the body of ‘one’ of these galactic beings! If we suppose that our Solar system is like a single cell, you and I are but one person amongst the billions of people residing on only one of the heavenly bodies in this solar system!

One form of the beings, referenced by the word ‘angels’ in religious terminology, is this ‘Spirit’ within the galactic dimensions; i.e., a galactic consciousness…

Indeed, a mystic who tried to expound on this grand Spirit once said:

“We have discovered an angel so great, that it is not even aware of our existence!”

Just like a single cell in our body may not necessarily be aware of the structure we call ‘the brain’, or our brain may not be aware of a particular cell that comes to life, or that it grows and proliferates, then dies in some part of our body…

Every cosmic dimension is perceived as ‘matter’, according to the receptor senses of its inhabitants. This is similar to how we perceive the objects, in our dreams, to be of the material world…

If we take the scale of existence to be like a ruler of infinite length, and assume the level of pure energy to be at zero point, then the quarks, ions, atoms, molecules, cells and what we perceive to be material objects can all be placed in the range between 0-50 cm. So, if the material realm in which we are living, and everything we perceive to be ‘matter’, is within this range, and beyond the point of 50 cm, there are infinite forms of life within the universal dimensions of the macrocosm.

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