Our consciousness can be purified, from such misinformation, according to the intensity of the communication that can be established [from the realm of The Absolute Essence (dhat)] with the micro and macro beings in the cosmos.

Evidently, many mystics and saints are known to have established such forms of communication. Indeed, anyone, who is able to break out from the ‘cocoon’ of their sense perception, can access the infinite network of the universe.

The biggest veil, that conceals our consciousness, is the ‘veil of words’. Words, or labels, and the images we’ve linked to them in our minds, blind us from attaining a tre understanding of the reality.

By identifying with the images we’ve linked to certain words in our minds, and believing them to be true, we stop seeking for more, and hence, prevent ourselves from seeing the absolute reality.

Consequently, our worlds become smaller and smaller.

Our whole lives become centered on basic needs and wants.

We become consumed by the things we eat, drink, buy and own and become confined in the base and primitive states of matter.

Our only reality becomes the material world and its corporeal affairs.

As mentioned before, the time, that we have to spend in this apparent material world, is so transitory in contrast to the life awaiting us.

The inhabitants of the macro dimensions are very grand and varied, though we have collectively labeled them all as ‘angels’. In actuality, they are all beings of the planes of higher consciousness.

If we don’t recognize this truth now, we will not have the opportunity to do so in the future.

Just as there is no impertinent component in our bodies, every organism has its unique mission and functionality. Just as the astral body, within our physical body, possesses its own consciousness and mission, there also exists, in the macro plan, conscious beings with unique missions.

If the sun takes 255 million years to orbit the Milky Way, then the sun is only 8 years old since it has only completed 8 tours around the Milky Way in its entire course of life.

Since we are 32,000 light years away from the center, or the ‘heart’ of that Galactic being, we’re nothing more than an electron in one of the cells somewhere on this galactic surface, of which there are billions of others!

Like us, they too come to life, grow, and die, and like us, they don’t become ‘nonexistent’ with death, for death is but a change of dimensions for conscious beings.

When viewed in this light, how futile it seems to rejoice over something gained, or feel sorrow for a loss in this world. Just as nothing we earn or possess, in a dream, has any value when we wake up, none of our worldly possessions are going to be valid in the afterlife. If we don’t want death to wake us up from a bountiful dream world to a desolate reality, we must wake ourselves up from our denial now, and start building our real world on the foundations of real knowledge.

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