The 5 senses renders perhaps one millionth of the brain’s capacity of performance. It has been given to us as a sample (trial version) of the brain’s infinite specifications and qualities.

The human brain shares a similar process of development with countless other life forms on our planet. That is, the brain is formed by molecules, which are formed by atoms, which are nothing more than clusters of energy.

When I say energy, I’m not referring to the static or kinetic forms of energy that we study at school. I mean the energy that is the source of life of the whole of creation.

The genetic structure of the DNA and RNA molecules, contained in each and every cell of our bodies, is subject to undergo mutation if exposed to certain cosmic radiations. Modern science can modify and manipulate the genetic configuration in laboratory settings, exposing these molecules to certain waves and radiations and creating other species as a result.

Interestingly, X-rays have been found to have the same effect on the neurons in our brains.

Our consciousness is the ‘I’ that develops on the database of our genetic and astrological data, synthesized with our acquired environmental conditionings. In reality, our consciousness doesn’t belong to the physical body; it is a by-product of the brain’s exceptionally comprehensive activities of analysis and synthesis. It pertains to the soul!

Though the universe is satiated with infinite forms of life, each form is recognized only by those who share the same dimension, and who have the capacity to perceive and evaluate them.

That is to say; first, the sensory perception is formed, then the material world is perceived. Or, first, the radial analyzers are formed, and then the radial world is perceived and evaluated. The expressions and their meanings rely on the life forms that perceive and analyze their wavelengths.

Now let us remember an imperative truth:

There is no existence other than the infinite and boundless Uluhiyya[1] named ‘ALLAH’.

Since there is no limit to Allah, it is impossible to think of anything that is ‘other’ than His Being.

In one aspect, this infinite boundless Being is Al-Jami, gathering all the expressions unto Himself. In another aspect, this Being is Al-Muhit, embracing and encompassing the whole of existence. Hence, the expressions, that are contained in Himself, are contemplated in His Knowledge, again by Himself.

There are no other beings in His Being, for no other being has come into existence other than His Being.

“He begets not.

Nor was He begotten.” (Quran 112:3)

No other existence other than His existence can be thought of.

“Only Allah exists, and nothing else exists with him. He is now as He ever was.”

[1] Uluhiyya is the entirety of the manifestations of Allah’s Names throughout all dimensions.

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