To summarize:

We seem to occupy an intermediary position in the universe, right between the micro and macro worlds. Mankind is the transition point between the states of energy that comprise un-manifested matter and the ‘supra’ states of matter.

Every dimension is inhabited by specific entities, receptor systems to evaluate these entities, and a perception of matter based on these evaluations.

The cell, and its perceptible reality, as opposed to the reality perceived by an atom…

The corporeal world, created by our brains, as opposed to the ethereal world of the celestial galactic beings… And so on.

In terms of their origin and essence, the consciousness, that is present in all of them, stems from One Source: The Spirit.

In Sufism, the identity of The Spirit is referred to as The Perfect Man (Al-Insan Al-Kamil), and its consciousness as The First Intellect (Aql-i Awwal).

How imperative it is, that we understand our place and structure within the infinite micro and macro worlds. How crucial it is, for us to achieve this understanding to avoid dying like the billions who pass away without conquering themselves… Those who were able to see the truth will look at those who couldn’t and say “another one has passed away”, like a leaf falling off a branch, our departure will mean nothing for the universe.

So let’s stop wasting our time and energy on things from which we are inevitably going to part. Let’s start living with the awareness that our possessions, our loved ones, and all of our worldly accumulations are going to stay behind, when we continue our journey on to the next dimension.

Let’s accrue more of that which will enlighten our journey ahead; let’s increase our knowledge, elevate our consciousness and raise the frequency of our vibrational energy.

Now that we have become aware of the higher states of matter, or The Angelic Realm (Malakut), let’s now explore the Realm of Divine Power (Jabarut.)

In the following chapters, ‘The Observation of the Essence’ and ‘The Discretion of the One’, I will try and elucidate how the Absolute Essence (dhat) evaluates existence with the attribute of Knowledge, once our consciousness is purified and our souls are refined.

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