When we are dreaming, all sorts of things happen to our bodies. We get shot, hit, perhaps even deformed, but we always wake up to find our bodies completely unblemished and intact. Moreover, our sense of ‘I’ or ‘ego’ never ceases to exist.

The ‘I’ is ever present throughout our dreaming, regardless of what occurs to our apparent bodies. This is because the body, in our dreams, is of a spiritual nature, and since the spirit isn’t composed of parts, it doesn’t get fragmented.

Different laws govern different realms of existence. As such, the Afterlife also has its own set of administrative laws and conditions. Nevertheless, our sense of ‘I’ will never be lessened, regardless of how we live, or whatever pleasure or pain we experience, our consciousness and spirit will feel each and every bit of it.

What will be the capacity of our spirit and self-consciousness?

The degree, to which we develop them in this world, until the point of death, will be our fixed capacity indefinitely, in the Afterlife! What we fail to recognize in this dimension of existence, we will never have the opportunity to recognize in the next…

If we don’t strengthen our spiritual body now, we won’t get a chance to return to this dimension, to compensate for it later.

What we can’t comprehend or fathom now, we can never comprehend in the future.

We are not just the macro of the microcosm, but also the micro of the macrocosm.

Muhammad (saw) says:

“There are some angels, who have attained the State of Certainty (Yaqeen) who are not even aware of the existence of either this world or humans.”

In the same way, we are not aware of the cells that are constantly coming to life, growing, serving, and dying in our bodies.

If we don’t expand our consciousness and enlarge our comprehension now, if we don’t get to know ourselves in terms of the ‘Absolute Essence’ and connect with the system and attain the universal realities while in this world, we will never have the opportunity to do so again. This is because; death will replace our worldly endowments and capabilities with those qualities that are more befitting the nature and conditions of the subsequent dimensions.

“And whoever is blind (unable to perceive the Truth) in this life (outer life) will also be blind in the eternal life to come (inner life) and further astray in way (of thought).” (Quran 17:72)

Undoubtedly, the blindness, mentioned in this verse, is not in reference to a physical condition, but rather to spiritual blindness, or, the incapacity to recognize and evaluate the reality. The only way to be enlightened, from this kind of darkness, is by absolving our consciousness from unnecessary and false information.

Muhammad (saw) says:

“The state, in which you live, will determine the state in which you will die. The state, in which you change dimensions, is the state you will continue your existence indefinitely, in the Afterlife.”

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