How infinitesimally small is our place in the universe!

The evaluation of the infinite nature of such existence is unfathomable for us. Nevertheless, with a little straining of our intellectual muscles, there will be great value in the understanding that we can attain as a result.

As an extension of earth and our life here, the Afterlife, and the dimensions we refer to as Heaven and Hell, are all parts, perhaps organs, of the aforementioned galactic body.

This grand, glorious and magnificent being is only one out of billions of others, and part of a 30 member tribe or family residing on this side of the universe, encompassing our galaxy…

What are they talking about? What are they arguing over? What are they thinking? We live our lives completely unaware of all of this.

A cell in a human body is like the Solar system in the Galaxy!

Is everyone completely oblivious to this reality?


This is the pivotal point!

No matter how small or big the primary structure, whether it’s the microcosm with all its genes, bacteria, muons and quarks, or the macrocosm, encompassing the sun, the stars and all the heavenly bodies and galactic beings…

All of their ‘essence’, in terms of the Absolute Essence (dhat)and according to ‘holographic reality’, is composed of the same ‘substance’. Hence, any form of life, regardless of its position on the scale of existence, can establish a form of communication, an interaction with all of the units of life within the infinite micro and macro realms in the cosmos.

Provided, of course, that they journey within and discover their own essence first. As this form of communication is based on the principles of the Absolute Essence (dhat), one who hasn’t connected, to the ‘Essence’ inwardly, cannot correlate in the network, outwardly.

Primarily, we must free our consciousness and escape the blockage caused by the imposed limitations of our realm of existence. All of the conditionings, judgments, emotions, and fragmented perceptions have to go! Our consciousness must be cleansed!

For we know that the cosmos is a manifestation of the Knowledge of the Infinite and the Absolute One. As such, the Absolute Essence and Knowledge, the Divine One is present in every particle of existence!

Thus, the essence of your consciousness, the ‘Essence’ of your being, is no different to the essence of an atom or a galactic entity in the micro or macro cosmos.

However, because our consciousness has been subject to, and formed by, bodily conditions, it has been hindered by various assumptions and postulations. As a result, it has become a molded and obstructed ‘separate conscious’, detached from the universal reality of ‘Oneness’.

Whereas, ‘consciousness’ is not even a tangible thing with a certain form or mass. One does not incorrectly condition the consciousness by pricking and poking at it, but conditions it by imposing and uploading fallacious information to it.

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