We too are like a wave, forming in and from the ocean and returning to it. As all things will return to their source, so too every formed wave will return to its formless state in the ocean and not be!

In the sight of the knowledgeable ones, even waves don’t exist.

A day will come and we will finally realize that we are ‘not’. Our assumed selves will be annihilated in the existence of Allah, and then the fire of our internal hell will be extinguished. Who will we see in the mirror then, I wonder?

Will the mirror be the Eternal One and ‘the self’ be naught?

In reality, it is absurd to talk about the nothingness of naught. It is as its name suggests naught! Hence for the enlightened one, there is in every instant nothing but the Eternal One. In fact, for the enlightened one, there is no ‘every instant’ and there is only ‘one instant’.

Eventually, these things can only be lived and experienced, but to sum up what has been discussed:

In order to evaluate existence in a proper context, we must view existence as though looking from the tip of a cone. That is, from the point of unity going toward multiplicity, from the inner core to the outer shell, not the other way around.

Since the illimitable, infinite Being has no limit, there can be no other existence than His but His infiniteness needs to be recognized in terms of his infinite attributes.

We have always attempted to explain His infinite nature in terms of His Absoluteness, now we need to recognize His infinite nature in respect of His attributes. In doing so, we will recognize His infinite Life, Knowledge, Will, Power and we will understand that the so-called ‘free-will’ that we associate to ourselves is only a product of our 5 senses. Once we grasp the fundamental reality that our apparent free-will isn’t ‘free’ from His Will, we can stop dividing the Whole into fragments and become cognizant of the verse:

“Do not turn to (assume the existence of) a god (exterior manifestations of power or your illusory self) besides Allah.” (Quran 28:88)

If we have been ordained to comprehend His Infiniteness, not just in terms of His Absolute Being but also in terms of his attributes and His whole Existence, then we will realize that fate is nothing but the field of observing manifest upon the wish of the One.

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