To understand the core of the matter, we must view the ‘outer’ situation from the ‘inner’ point of essence; we must view multiplicity from the point of unity. If we try and view in reverse, that is, if we try and view the peak point of the pyramid from its bottom layer, our vision is bound to get obscured somewhere along the way, and we are bound to get sidetracked by all the details and miss the Essence.

The sole condition one must fulfill, in order to grasp and solve this mystery from its core, is to view the ‘many’ from the point of the ‘One’, to view the manifestations from the point of the Essence, not the other way around. In doing so, one will inevitably see that the ‘outer’ existence, that is the conceptual world of forms, is nothing but a projection of the implicit meanings in His Knowledge!

All life forms acquire their life from His Life.

He is Aleem. Hence all knowledge pertaining to creation is from, and within, His Knowledge. Allah’s Knowledge is limitless and infinite.

He is Mureed. His Will is infinite. Hence, all outward expressions of will are from His Will, becoming manifest in accordance to the compositions of Names they carry in their essence.

When we view an activity of an individual we say “he is acting out of his free will”. Whereas this outward display of will is in reality nothing more than the disclosure of the Will of the One through that individual; just as the water that runs from a particular tap isn’t different than the water in the reservoir.

The application of the same principle to all His other names and attributes, such as Power, Speech, Hearing, Sight and so on, renders evident the truth that Allah encompasses ‘all’.

We can conclude then, that there is only one life in the whole of existence, and that is the life of the Ever-Living One (Hayy). And again, there is only one will in the whole of the cosmos, and that is Mureed (the Possessor of Absolute Will). If the Will of the One is infinite and limitless, then how can we fragment His eternal will by assigning a partial, individualized will to creation?

He is the All-Powerful One, thus, all expressions of power pertain to His Power. Every appearance of meaning, and all the acts of every atom in existence, can all be traced to the boundless, all-encompassing names that manifest the Knowledge of the One.

Hence, there is only one Will, one Power, and one infinite Knowledge to direct this Will and Power pertinent to the One represented by the name Allah.

He reveals and observes Himself on the mirror of the name Allah, yet at the same time He declares:

“Indeed, Allah is Ghani from the worlds (in terms of His Absolute Essence, Allah is free from being conditioned and limited by the manifested compositions of His Names).” (Quran 29:6)

ALLAH is Pre-eternal and Post-eternal (Baqi).

All the worlds are like seemingly transitory waves coming from nothingness and going to nothingness in the ocean of Eternity.

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