On the other hand, we are also informed that data is a single point amongst infinite points in the knowledge of Allah by those who have been subject to the reflection of the Knowledge of the Absolute Essence (dhat). This points to the “tanzih” (the incomparability of the divine) aspect. 


“And they did not duly appreciate Allah”[1]

We embarked on a journey of observation of the realities, and to the best of our capacity of articulation tried to share our discoveries with you, without expecting or wanting anything in return. But alas, so many questions and objections!

From those who asked, “Is Allah Data?” to those who critiqued, “Are you denying the attributes of Allah?” Some argue that I have objectified and concretized religion. Some argue, “You deny the existence of all the things that we perceive, so then if you don’t exist, who is writing this?”

There is only ONE reality!

This reality has been explained in the past using metaphors and symbolic language. The same reality can be observed today from a scientific perspective. 

When I use the metaphoric language used in the past I’m told my writings are difficult to understand by those who have a scientific perspective. When I use a modern scientific approach, I’m told (by those who take the classic religious ‘texts’ as base) my works are fabrication, as it has not been explained like this in the past! As if the scientific discoveries of our modern day were known in the past yet deliberately ignored and overlooked!

So, I try to combine both approaches, but this time both sides go into an upheaval and say, “We don’t get what you’re saying, explain it in a way that we can understand!”

So, my friends… I used the word DATA to break the conditionings and force the brains to re-think and re-wire. 

Now, as for today’s question:

Why does the multidimensional single framed picture that unremittingly comes into existence in one instance then goes into non-existence the next instance, flow in this manner, like the scenes of a movie, one scene following another, constantly? Why does the statement, “Allah manifests Itself in yet another wondrous way at every instance” play Itself out in this way?

The answers to such questions should be sought in the Domain of the Names, for that is the only Source, with the condition of course that you put aside your predetermined understanding of the Names. For these Names are not the names of a god who thinks and acts like a human, but of Allah, the One beyond all human conception. 

Let’s examine the name al-Hasib for example.

This name or quality points to the cause and effect mechanism. Everything from the micro to the macro levels of existence bears the fruit or experiences in the present moment the direct consequence of its actions/decisions in the previous moment. Today is the result of yesterday. Like it or not.

This system is expressed with the phrase “He manifests Himself anew at every instance”; pointing to the singular existential transformation of the whole (to observe and experience this, one must first be able to see with their ‘third eye’ or the eye of the heart as they would say in the past, non-locally and non-materially.)

[1]Quran 6:91

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