Evaluating these Names with our limited values would be a great injustice and inevitably lead to the conception of a separate god notion. “Sari’ul hisab” (the One who is swift at reckoning) is not about a god who calls you to account and then punishes you, as most have been conditioned to think. It designates a procession quality pertaining to the mechanism of the Universal System of the ONE, just like all the other Names!

Only those who have been created to be veiled from the realities can conceive the Names and their manifestations with their physical conditioned worldly projections.

The most imperative things that needs to be recognized here is the brain and how it works!

The brain creates the conception of matter through illusion. The brain itself pertains to the realm of the spirits due to its dimensional depth. (“Your bodies are your spirits and your spirits are your bodies”). It constantly creates a back-up (aka spirit) copy of itself and thus continues its life ad infinitum, with the will of its Rabb; the qualities of the Names in its essence.

This dimension is ethereal compared to the material realm; it is called the dimension of Acts (af’al) as it is comprised of a collective field made of individual units. In the sight of the intimates of the reality, such a dimension does not even have a substantial existence, as it is based on illusion, it only exists as information.

Just like the things we perceive to be outside are really only waves of information perceived and interpreted by the brain. 

The brain also referred to as the “heart” sometimes – due to its consciousness aspect- acts like a mirror to the domain of the names. In fact, it is literally composed of the Names; it’s a composition of the energies or forces (in my terms, “DATA”) represented by the Names. If and when the Names or the DATA comprising this magnificent composition we call the brain wills to realize and experience its essential reality, it executes the function called “fuad” which brings about the manifestation of the name al-Hadi (The guide to the reality. The One who allows individuals to live according to their reality) allowing the individual to have mystical experiences, i.e. “feel” and “experience” their truth.

However, as a result of this expansive insight and experience, the “heart” cannot deny what it sees and will commence to live by that reality. After this point, the One who sees through him will be al-Basir, the one who hears through him will be as-Sami and the One who speaks through him will be al-Kaleem. Albeit he will be camouflaged to the public in the guide of an ordinary human being!

In Sufism, this experience is called “The Reflection of the Names”. Prior to this, The Reflection of the Absolute Essence (dhat) and The Reflection of Divine Attributes takes place. 

As opposed to the journey that begins at the Unity of Acts and continues via levels of ascension, this journey begins at the Reflection of the Absolute Essence and arrives at the Reflection of Acts through condescension. All of this takes place within the scope of the Dimension of the Magnificent Names. Yet it may only be duly discerned through experience and not through imitation and/or acquired bookish knowledge!


17 September 2007

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