Some communities and nations don’t believe in a god and thus they don’t expect anything from a god in space, they rely solely on their own inherent qualities, which lead them to make considerable progress. 

Other communities have been raised with the belief  “power lies within yourself so learn how to utilize what you already have instead of expecting external support” also encouraging personal development.

During the times when the Sufi teaching “one can achieve many things with the power of the Attributes and the Names of the Creator embedded within themselves - if only they could discover these potentials,” was in effect, Muslim communities were the pioneers of many great developments in the world.

Yet unfortunately, over time, the concept of “religion” was reduced to satisfying the desires of a god in space and thus obtaining his approval, which spawned the deviated belief of “expecting everything from the one high above”. This in return commenced a period of regression for Muslim communities.

It is rather inevitable that such communities remain behind if instead of discovering and actualizing the divine qualities inherent within their essence they choose to sit around expecting “the one up there” to build their future for them.


3 May 2006

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