To put it simply, the whole of creation is a composition of Names. All of the innumerable and various dimensions in the cosmos are different compositions of His Names.

Those who reach the level of The Pure Self (Nafs-i Safiyya) are those who are able to break through the conditionings imposed by the explicit ‘forms’ on the implicit meanings.

They are those who abandon their hypothetical existence and dive into the ocean of ‘nothingness’ and become ‘everything’.

Through realizing and living their ‘nothingness’, they attain the level of ‘Oneness of Being’ (Wahid’ul Ahad), hence becoming everything!

Now let’s try and understand the following:

“Everyone acts according to his own creation program (natural disposition - fitrah).” (Quran 17:84)

That is to say, whatever purpose, individuals are created to fulfill, the means to achieve this purpose will be made easy and attainable to them. The decisions and actions, that are necessary for the execution of their mission, will be made attractive and pleasant, such that they manifest what is in their nature with ease.

“Your Rabb (the reality of the Names comprising your essence) creates and chooses as He pleases, they have no free will (or choice)!” (Quran 28:68)

As can be seen, if you are meant to be bound by conditions, restrictions, and not break out of your cocoon, then the act of hatching your cocoon-like reality will be made difficult for you.

That being said, the act of breaking out, or leaving the womb, whether it is an animal giving birth or some bug trying to hatch its cocoon, is always a difficult process!

It follows then; the act of breaking one’s cocoon-world of ‘matter’ to reach the boundless Angelic Realm (Malakut) of the heavens should not be a simple process…

As with any transition from one dimension to another, the transition is an ‘awakening’ (ba’th) that is, a new birth, a new beginning, a ‘first’ after a ‘last’…

But for some, this process is made relatively easy or attractive… because Allah wills it so…

An incalculable, limitless structure! Layers of ‘meanings’ beyond comprehension! A ‘name’ that points to His existence, but which isn’t conditioned or even completely defined by it!

You, I, and it… We all exist as different expressions of different compositions of His Names… But to experience ‘existence’ as a whole, without fragmenting it, requires the abandoning of the ‘you’ and the ‘me’.

Only once we become ‘selfless’ can we become ‘one’. And only once we become ‘one’ can we attain and live true ‘love’.

The ‘self’ is like a curtain between the lover and the beloved, when the lover annihilates himself in his beloved, the curtain will be lifted, ‘duality’ will disappear, and only love will remain.

When one ‘likes’, one wants to possess. But when one ‘loves’, he loses his ‘self’ in his beloved. He abandons his identity completely and becomes nullified in the beloved. This micro experience of UNITY then gets rippled out into the cosmos, transforming it into a macro experience of Unity, until ‘individual’ consciousness perception and experience, becomes completely obsolete.

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