‘Now’ is the ‘now’ mentioned in this verse. Concepts of time, place, matter, space, etc., are only valid according to the 5 senses. In this dimension, however, time is the consistency of the ‘now’. In other words, time is nonexistent, outside the dimension of our perception.

If only we can surpass the barrier of our physical eyes and start basing our lives on scientific and spiritual truths… Perhaps then, we will realize that this world is composed of innumerable forms of life, ranging within wavelengths of a billionth of a centimeter to kilometers of length, each with unique expressions and significance. This animated world is the World of Acts (af’al).

Each of these layers of expressions contains specific meanings that are perceivable by certain other expressions. They become labeled as the ‘unknown’ (ghayb) and hence remain concealed only to those who can’t perceive them. This isn’t an ‘absolute unknown’ however, only a relative unknown.

To the extent we become conscious of our own essence and escape the limitations of the 5 senses, we can decipher and observe these unknowns.

This observation will not be ours however; it will be the observation of the Absolute Being.

The Observing One!

The observation of the now, as there is no other time other than this very moment now.

Only those with a purified consciousness can live this reality.

“He wanted to observe the infinite expressions contained in Himself, hence He shaped His creation such that they contain His expressions.”


In His infinite Knowledge!

It is crucial to have a correct understanding of these words and their meanings. Creation is the form of His expressions that He wanted to observe.

When I say ‘form’, I don’t mean physical form, but the form of ‘meanings’, as He is al-Musawwir, the fashioner of infinite forms derived from the implicit realm of meanings.

When contemplating on this, we shouldn’t let our minds run through images of earth and the billions of people residing on it.

Just one galaxy in our universe can contain up to millions of suns, let alone billions of other galaxies that haven’t even been discovered yet. Whether we think of the macrocosm out there, or the microcosm within, there is no space that is void of meaning.

It is in this light that we should evaluate the phrase:

“Has there not been over man a period of time, when he was not a thing worth mentioning!” (Quran 76:1)

That time is now. Not some time ago in history.

That is, right this very moment, there are such grand and magnificent dimensions, so immense and extensive, that amidst these, humans are not even worth mentioning! That is, except for those who have elevated their consciousness and ascended to higher realms. So, if we don’t want to be amongst those who aren’t worth being mentioned, who have no significance in the universe, then we must realign our way of thinking.

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