This projection then utilizes the skills and capabilities, given to it, to fulfill its mission or reach the purpose for which it has been designed.

Our final destination is defined at the point of death where our brain stops functioning, and a transition takes place from this dimension and body to another.

How one lives defines how one will die. And how one lives is defined in their archetypal essence, which is reflected by the skills and capabilities we have been innately given (our natural disposition).

Our unique composition is made of the meanings of His Names.

The specific skills and capabilities, comprising our composition, guide us and engage us in certain actions and these actions then shape and design our spirit which becomes ‘fixed’ at the point of death, with which we continue our afterlife.

Hence, one’s lifestyle, actions, personality and so on, will be shaped and defined by and according to the purpose for which he or she has been designed to accomplish, that is, the meaning he or she has been destined to manifest. [What begins as an archetypal essence flourishes and evolves, throughout one’s lifetime, until finally getting fixed at the point of death.]

Every event, lived at every level of existence, is an expression of meanings that the One wishes to observe in Himself.

Every unit of existence will comply with the requirements of his make-up. By actualizing his unique composition, he will be effectuating his duty as a servant to Allah.

So, the meanings that form man are the meanings Allah wishes to observe in Himself.

All this said, Allah is Al-Ghani (The One who is beyond being labeled and limited by the manifestations of His Names, as He is Great [Akbar] and beyond all concepts) and beyond any form or need. Hence, it is absolutely invalid to think of Allah as ‘this meaning in that form’, and restricting to say ‘Allah is as such’ or ‘Allah is this much’. Just as making a judgment about an artist, based on one out of perhaps thousands of his artworks, cannot be accepted!

If we can comprehend all that has been discussed here, then it would have become evident that we need to do all that it takes to accomplish our purpose in the best possible way.

If we consciously understand these truths then the probability is that we have also been equipped with the required skills to undergo the necessary transformations in the path to self-actualization.

It is said that:

“Allah will not permit his servant to make a prayer that He isn’t willing to accept.”

“If He has allowed His servant to make a particular prayer, then He will most assuredly answer his prayer.”

If He has given us the capacity to comprehend these truths, then most probably it will be possible for us to live through the events that will actualize these meanings in us.

But first, we must purify our souls, cleanse ourselves from the conditionings of the 5 senses and make a leap to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Praying, that is the process of directing our thought waves to this purpose, is our most powerful tool!

And if fulfilling our purpose has been preordained, then we’re not going to have too much difficulty.

But what does preordainment or divine discretion actually mean?

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