In consideration of this endless, limitless truth, how devastating a loss it is - to indefinitely confine oneself to a tiny little cocoon world based on the 5 senses and the fleeting, temporal, local bodily desires.

“O mankind! Whilst I have created you for myself, with what are you busying yourself? On what are you spending your time?”

Who is this verse addressing?

Those who have the innate capacity to hear the message… Not those addressed in:

“They are like cattle (an’am), nay, they are even less conscious of the right way: it is they who are the truly heedless (living in their cocoons)!” (Quran 7:179)

To be a mirror to the One from whom we derive our existence, essence and origin, or, for the One to reflect on our mirror, we must first be cleansed from the contaminations and conditions of our illusory humanly being.

As Jesus says:

“You are not thinking God’s thoughts but human thoughts.”[1]

If we observe our essence from a ‘material’ human perspective, and live our lives like an iceberg in the ocean, then surely we can’t reflect Him duly.

The world and everything in it are like games and pastime for humans…

The whole of existence has been desired, designed and shaped for the observation of the Reality of Muhammad (Haqiqat-i Muhammadiyyah) and The First Intellect (Aql-i Awwal).

If you have been created to be one of the ‘observers’ of meanings, then escaping from the 5 senses and humanly emotions and conditionings will be made easy for you. The process of cleansing your mirror from emotions, thoughts, conditions, bodily and subconscious desires that can obscure the Reflection, and reaching your essence will be simplified for you.

Nevertheless, just as some grains become wheat and bread and eventually make their way to our dinner table; many others are lost in the field and don’t amount to anything.

To love Muhammad (saw) is to be like Him, to acquire His knowledge and consciousness, to annihilate one’s self in Him.

One cannot taste the honey from its jar.

To love is to become the beloved.           

Eventually all things will fulfill their nature and return to their essence, hence actualizing their innate servitude to Allah.

“All animate and inanimate things are in service to Allah.”

“Humans and jinn have been created to serve Allah.”

All of these mean one thing: for whatever purpose you have been created, you will fulfill it one way or another. Life, conditions, skills you have been given, all of these will inevitably channel you to perform your innate worship, i.e., manifest your true essence, whatever that may be.

[1] Matthew 16:23

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