One who has diffused the boundaries of the Pre-eternal and Post-eternal One… One who, by actualizing the reality of his soul, has become nothing in the limitless and infinite nature of his soul!

When we refer to infinity, we are actually referring to the World of Names, for it is completely out of question to make any reference to the nature of His Absolute Essence (dhat).

He is infinite in terms of His meanings. Hence, even His infiniteness is an ‘attribute’.

One cannot contemplate His Absolute Essence (dhat)!

In fact, even His Oneness (Ahadiyyah) is an attribute of His Absolute Being.

Notice that ‘Allah’ is the ‘name’ of a Being whose attributes we have been notified of.

Just as ‘Hulusi’ is a name given to me, a name to reference my being, ‘ALLAH’ is also a name we use to reference His Absolute Essence. A name is merely a sign we use to indicate something.

The extent to which the name ‘Hulusi’ reveals the attributes and qualities I possess, whether I have manifested them or not, is the extent to which the name ‘Allah’ can explain His Magnificent Being.

The Glorious Being who observes Himself on the mirror of the name ‘Allah’!

Ideally, He observes Himself on the mirror of the name ‘ALLAH’ through mankind.

The Absolute Essence is beyond comprehension through definitions based on attributes. He, who attempts to bring a definition to the Absolute Essence, is an ignorant person, indirectly confessing his place amongst the ‘imitators’. For he, who has been enlightened, will know without a doubt that in addressing the Absolute Essence, one can only go as far as His attributes.

No one has the liberty to talk about or define the ‘nothingness’, for nothingness is the place where all contemplations stop, where thoughts cease to be, where life, senses, words have no validity!

“Before He created the heavens and the earth, he was in Ama, the absolute potential. And He is as now as He ever was.”

The place of nothingness is such an absolute darkness that everything one knows, thinks, and imagines becomes completely obsolete.

Let’s hope we are of those, or at least amongst those, who He has chosen for Himself.

But beyond the conceptions of time and space, everything has already been lived and done! So what we need to do then is to pursue the path that best reflects our natural disposition and character, the path we find ourselves accessing with ease, rather than painstakingly going against our nature and making our lives difficult.

“Allah created Adam in His own image.”

What does this mean?..

Man’s existence is in accordance with divine existence. Man also has an essence. Man also has attributes, qualities and meanings that belong to his essence, and a place where he manifests his qualities, i.e., his body.

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