Our final destination will either be to get sloshed and agitated in the World of Acts (Af’al), or to freely swim in the realms of His infinite Names (Asma), or to manifest and observe the qualities of His Essence (Dhat), or else to realize our nothingness and become nothing in His infinite, boundless Being.

However one lives one’s life, that is how one will die, and however one dies, that is how one will live in the Afterlife.

The frequency, at which our brains function just before the point of death, will be the last bit of information uploaded to the spirit that our brains render. Hence, when the spirit becomes detached from the brain, it will continue functioning at the frequency with which it was last uploaded.

Therefore, if at the point of death, our consciousness level happens to be functioning at a low frequency, conditioned by the 5 senses, and consumed with worldly and bodily desires, and then we will have to live the consequences of this state in the Hereafter.

If, on the other hand, our consciousness happens to be vibrating at higher frequencies, freed from sensual conditionings, we would have attained the level of the Observers of the Truth, watching and observing the infinite bounty of His Names expressing themselves in ever unique and incredible ways upon creation. That is, the level of ‘loving the creation, due to the Creator’!

These are the people about whom the general public says: “such and such lives on another plane… He walks, sits, eats and drinks like us, but he isn’t like us! Who knows where he is right now?”

He would be swimming in the ocean of meanings in the dimension of consciousness… He would be wondering in the dimension of Allah’s Names.

Some people who reach this state become veiled to what goes on in the corporeal world, while others experience both dimensions simultaneously. This state is commonly referred to as the Contented Self (Nafs-i mutmainna) and the Pleased Self (Nafs-i Radhiyya)and it is the state one attains as one becomes cognizant of the reality of his soul.

The consciousness will wonder amidst these meanings in the realm of Reflection of Names (Tajalli Asma) knowing that they are indeed the meanings of his own soul.

Then, if the consciousness can rise up to the next level called the Pleasing Self (Nafs-i Mardhiyya), he will have reached the point of actualizing the attributes of his essence (dhat)… This is the point of annihilation in Him, where the iceberg melts, and the one observing the meanings in himself becomes himself.

The truth is; the manifestation of these meanings on a person is a matter of preordination (taqdir).

What is of primary importance is an individual’s archetypal essence (a’yan thabita); in other words, the meanings he has been created to actualize. The next stage is the skills and capabilities given unto him in order to fulfill this actualization. Then the encounter of the ‘cause’ will occur, that is, a subject who will render the means to actualize his archetype. When the individual submits his existence to this cause, and eventually annihilates himself in the cause and becomes nothing, his archetypal essence will manifest completely.

From the point to man…

From man to the point…

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