If one can fathom the nothingness of this world, the intermediary world (barzakh), heaven and hell in respect to this magnificent infinite miraculous creation, can he really claim “everything is Allah”!?

I’m pointing to such a profound truth with the word DATA, its dhat (absolute essence) comes from Its Knowledge, and It manifests Itself anew at every instance as the will and expression of His Names (the infinite divine qualities and attributes) as a multidimensional single frame picture.

To put it simply, data is the un-manifest form of the Domain of Names.

Let’s try to simplify it even further:

Think of the manifestation of the Names, how they come into existence in one instance and disappear into non-existence the next instance. Existence. Non-existence. Now stop. At the point of non-existence, no name is manifest; it is absolute non-existence. But it potentially contains ALL of the qualities that come into existence in the instance after. This is the un-manifest field on non-existence that I’m referring to with the word DATA. (Some scientists use the word ‘state’ to refer to this in the West).

The word “aamah” denotes this state of DATA, according to my observation. That is, the un-manifest, dark state of the Domain of Names. It has nothing to do with blindness as some think. 

Remember the answer given to the question, “Where was our Rabb before He created us?” was “He was in aamah (un-manifest state) under and over which there was no space.”

However, there is an important point to consider here: Beware!

When the brain tries to evaluate this information, the meanings of the words may be reduced based on one’s inferior conditionings, hence resulting in wrong conceptions. The brain works by converting incoming data into images. All thoughts in your head have a corresponding form. But the Reality is formless. Forms are the products of your perception, not the reality. 

Based on this sensitive point, it should not be understood as:

“There is data that comprises the Domain of the Names, but there is infinite such data in the Knowledge of Allah, this data is one of the data amongst the infinite ocean of data in that ocean of Allah’s Knowledge.”

No! This is not what I’m saying!

The One denoted by the name Allah is al-Wasi (The All-embracing. The One who embraces the whole of existence with the expressions of His Names) and thus with His Uluhiyyah He encompasses all data in His Knowledge. He is the innermost, quintessential depth of the door that opens from the Ahadiyyah of Data. He is not separate from it. Yet, He isn’t the “same” as Data either. He is both and neither. There is no other way to express this. 

He is data because there is nothing “other” than Him. Yet He is not data, because Allah is beyond being limited and restricted to what He manifests in data.

What is something that is made “manifest” anyway? It is essentially the same thing as it was when it was un-manifest. Think about the Hadith, “Your spirit is your body and your body is your spirit!”

With His Knowledge” refers to the essence of Data or the Point.

“His Knowledge” refers to the qualities of His Names.

In His Knowledge” implies that this observation is transpiring from a “spark of illusion.”

Everything that is perceived and not perceived, known and unknown, derives its existence from the Uluhiyyah of the One denoted by the name Allah. Since nothing is outside the scope of Uluhiyyah, the Domain of the Names has been called “Allah”. Hence the verse says, “It was not you who threw but Allah who threw” and the concept of “tashbih” (the similarity/comparability of the divine) point to this kind of expression of the truth.

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