“Here’s another way to exemplify the various groups that constitute what is generally referred to as ‘humans’.

“Some alleged humans have no heads on their necks. They are like headless, lifeless trunks. Exigently conforming to their bodily impulses, they eat, drink, mate and aim to acquire everything they can set their eyes upon.

“Then there are some with tape recorder heads. In addition to the activities of the previous group, these ones pursue their lives in the direction of their environmental conditionings. Just like an android. Whatever data their environment conditions them with, whatever information gets uploaded into their memory, they execute it without thinking or questioning. In other words, like a tape recorder they play back whatever is recorded onto them, without making any intellectual contribution to it.

“Then there are the computer head humans. They have the capability to think, evaluate, interpret and direct their lives accordingly. In other words, they have acquired advanced processor skills. As such, they do not easily succumb to conditioning, they inquire into the nature and essence of everything and are always open to develop and grow in knowledge. This group constitutes the first level of the real humans.”

“You mean there are others beyond this group?”

“Yes, Alph, beyond all the mentioned groups there are indeed some purely genuine humans who have realized they are essentially one of us while still on Earth. They are the individuals of ‘essential self’ perceived as strangers amongst other earthlings. No matter how much I try, I cannot adequately explain them to you. Suffice it to say, they have transcended all worldly values and have become the eyes, ears and speech of the Universal Intellect that have accessed the universal mysteries enlightening other units of existence. They have acquired at least as much of the truth as you have; though in terms of their body they are still humanoids; in essence they have become one with the universal cosmic consciousness. They are the ‘essence’ and are like the representatives, witnesses and informers of the Universal Intellect amongst earthlings.”

“Wow… Such earthlings actually exist, huh?”

“Well, don’t forget, Alph, that the Universal Intellect has eyes, ears and mouths that watch, hear and speak Its perfection in every dimension…

“The other units of that dimension, however, are not even aware of their existence, as it isn’t in their range of perception. When they encounter such humans they don’t recognize them, passing them by as just another earthling. Since their brains haven’t developed enough to appraise and appreciate them, even if they did know, this knowledge won’t serve them in any way.”

“So… is this the kind of human I will be interacting with?”

“No, Alph. A genuine human at such an elevated plane of existence will not be in need of your services. You cannot add anything to enhance their lives as they already have access to all the answers within their own essence.

“You need to contact someone from the previous level I mentioned. Someone who is a thinker, a researcher, who is open to learning and strong enough to forego his conditionings. If you find someone like this, not only will you be beneficial to him but learning about the stages of his development will also contribute much to your learning and progression. This kind can be found in an area known as the Middle Region where the ocean of materialism adjoins the ocean of spirituality.

“The Middle Region is the area on Earth where the clash between the West’s materialism and the East’s spiritualism originates the ‘truth’. Hence, an extensive researcher from around this region will serve you best.”

Aynha then went silent.

Alph waited for a while… then turning to look at Earth he asked:

“Aynha, can you please find someone who will be most befitting for my study?”

Aynha stopped, switched to search mode, then switched back and answered:

“Before you start adapting to earthly life, contact me. I’ll let you know who to contact and where you can find him. But know that this person will resist you with a wide array of questions, making you obliged to reveal a great number of universal secrets… You must answer all of his questions! If ever you find you can’t answer a particular question, contact me immediately so that he isn’t left in a state of confusion without an answer.”

“OK, Aynha! I shall follow your orders exactly.”

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