The earthlings and Setrians on the other hand, were raised in an environment in complete opposition to the nature of the Idepians. They were subject to continuous conditioning, and could only know their true selves to the extent they were able to detach from and be cleansed of these conditionings. Had Alph interacted with them without knowing these fundamental principles, he would have taken their conditioned data as absolute realities and lost his essence in the darkness of conditioning.

Due to this, no pure awareness raised in Idepia was allowed to make contact with earthlings or Setrians without completing their elementary level of universal education first.

Aynha expressed his contentment with Alph’s answers:

“According to your level of development, you have successfully completed your education of the fundamental principles, Alph.You can now make contact with someone from Earth and examine their make-up and level of intellect directly.”

“Thank you, Aynha. But I have a few questions to ask before I leave. My first question is: shall I make contact with a random earthling or a specific one?”

“If you make a random contact you will most probably find someone at a material or a carnal level of existence which won’t serve your purpose. Try and find someone who is at least conscious of his or her true self so that it may be a mutually beneficial interaction.”

“What exactly do you mean by material and carnal level of existence?”

“In the physical world, Alph, many have completed their mineral, vegetative and animal levels of life and have assumed human bodies. However, their reflective abilities have not yet developed beyond the levels of plants and animals. Therefore, the contradiction with their outer appearance can easily mislead the novice who isn’t completely cognizant of their true nature.”

“Can you give examples of the various earthlings at the level of minerals, plants, animals and humans?”

“When you get there, Alph, you will encounter individuals who are apparently human, but after observing and examining their lifestyles, you will realize that they have no intellectual productivity. You will see that their behaviors are merely automated outputs of either the conditionings they received or due to their bodily needs. In fact, had it not been an essential need of the physical body, they would not even eat, drink, sleep or reproduce. They are completely devoid of intellectual activity. These are the humanoids at the level of material life.

“As for the vegetative level of life, its determinant is motion. A plant also lives according to conditionings but motion becomes a prominent factor at this level of life. One who lives in this state feels the urge to do something but all his doings are determined by his conditionings and bodily needs. Inactivity is disguised as motion at this level, but all motion is directed to the attainment of bodily needs in accordance with received conditionings. This too is a humanoid.

“Next are the humanoids functioning at theanimal state of life. Again, the primary determinants at this level are the conditionings and the optimal satisfaction of bodily needs. These individuals are in a constant motion to enhance and increase their eating, drinking and reproducing habits. Driven by conditionings, these become their sole purpose in life. They only think of themselves, or perhaps themselves and one other loved one.

Humans, on the contrary, are very different to all of the above, though they also retain the previous levels of life. Since they, too, have physical body needs humans also partake in similar activities to a certain extent; however, these things do not occupy their lives as in the case of the humanoids. These practices don’t comprise their purpose in life but merely serve as vehicles. The purpose of a human is to know his ‘self’, to understand the essence of the things in his life, to envision his future. Those with such aspirations are the ones who have attained the first step in being a real ‘human’. The degree to which they develop at this level of comprehension, they will reach their essence and if their capacity allows them, they will become reflectors of the Universal Intellect like us.

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