Let’s talk a little about Aynha…

Aynha is the most eminent and comprehensive representative of the Universal Intellect on Idepia. His task is to train the top most talented thousand from among the beginners. This training entails developing their comprehension skills so they understand the reality of themselves and their universe, as well as all other beings that have been endowed with a share of the intellect, and finally the Universal Intellect Itself.

His task is both simple and complicated.

It’s simple, because the minds of the beginners haven’t been subject to any preconditioning. It’s difficult, however, because the act of transforming a completely pure yet primitive mind so that it perceives and comprehends the mysteries of the universe and the Universal Intellect, is an unfathomable, in fact an unimaginable, thing.

Anyway, let’s go back to Alph of Idepia… For by now, the big day has come and Alph is sitting his examination… Look at him, look how in the presence of Aynha; his mind is racing with all the things he has learned…

Alph is anxiously awaiting his first question from Aynha, as no matter how pure and elevated an Idepian he may be, as with all creations, he too has his share of divine imperfections. What if he fails to give adequate answers? Then his exam would be postponed by one day, that is, one thousand Earth years, not a short time at all…

Alph’s thoughts were interrupted by Aynha’s call:

“Get ready for your first question, Alph!”

“Go ahead, Aynha, I’m with you.”

“If the universe is an exhibition of the Universal Intellect, what explains the primitiveness of certain species in the universe?”

Alph paused for a minute… He thought of the Idepians… He observed the whole Kurgaz constellation in his mind’s eye, then he moved on to the galaxy across from Kurgaz, the Milky Way, and scanned through all the stars in its solar system. He arranged all the information he had gathered regarding the earthlings and the Setrians in his mind… His mind raced, from the majestic grandeur of the Universal Intellect to the primitive beings who lived as though they are deprived of an intellect… Indeed, he thought… How could this primitiveness be reflecting the perfection of the Universal Intellect? Then he suddenly collected his thoughts and answered:

“In the sight of the Universal Intellect there are no conceptions such as advanced or primitive. At every instant, the Universal Intellect creates and manifests Its creations in whichever order It pleases. Every product of Its creation holds the same value in the sight of the Universal Intellect, their differences emerge only when compared to each other, that is their interpretations of each other are completely relative and comprise only labeling.

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