Gonul would never have guessed this man was an alien.

“This is Alph” Jem said. “Our friend from space!”

Jem’s introduction had made Gonul certain of the seriousness of the situation, yet she didn’t quite get it either.

“So, uhm… you come from space?”

The stranger spoke with his usual soft tone and candor:

“Yes… I’m from Idepia, a star of the Kurgaz constellation…”

Could this be a joke? Gonul thought to herself perhaps he was one of Jem’s friends that she hadn’t met before and they were just playing with her

The stranger interrupted her thoughts. “No! It’s definitely not a joke. I’m not one of Jem’s friends either. Just try to believe me, please…”

The fact that he had just read her thoughts was indeed a convincing factor!

“So, you’re basically saying that you come from space and you’re an alien?”

“Indeed! And we don’t have material bodies like you. If you don’t believe me, here…” he said extending his arms, “Try to touch me.”

Gonul irresistibly found herself reaching out to touch his hands, but to her absolute astonishment, her hands seemed go right through him, it was as if he wasn’t there!

“Are we dreaming?” she asked Jem in utter awe.

The stranger replied first. “Please try and get over your bewilderment so that you can comprehend the reality of the situation.”

Jem was speechless… Gonul was overwhelmed… Then Jem finally broke the silence:

“Shall we sit down?”

As the stranger and Jem sat back in their chairs, Gonul took a seat on the stool close to her husband. The stranger was very calm and serene. He was observing them with an amiable smile, waiting for them to collect themselves.

Jem knew now with certainty this wasn’t a dream, that they had just witnessed an extraordinary event, however, he had absolutely no idea how this situation could be explained.

Gonul, dumbfounded, was quietly observing their strange guest. He looked no different to an average human being. His face, hands, his whole body was so human. There was nothing peculiar about him. Except that he was intangible!

He looked to be of average height and weight. His long hair was combed to the side, he had golden-brown color eyes, an oval face, wide shoulders, and seemed to be in his late 30s or early 40s.

Jem pulled himself together and asked the first question:

“If you don’t have a material body, then how can we see you?”

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