Actually it wasn’t really a study desk, it was the reclining cover of his enormous bookshelf, which, when pulled down, took the shape of a desk, connected by two elegant yet firm chains on either side.

Jem went straight into it:

“You said you came from afar. Can I ask from where?”

The stranger stared at him with a sweet and sincere smile. As if he was trying to reassure his host that he had no reason to be scared as he hadn’t come to hurt anybody…

Indeed, Jem was comforted by this look. He settled a little more in his chair and returned comfortable yet curious looks to his guest.

The stranger spoke Jem’s language well; however, the way he pronounced his words with so much care would have made one think he had just learnt the language and was trying very hard to not make a mistake.

“Please listen to me carefully. I know that you are going to be surprised, perhaps you are not going to believe me, but I will convince you, after which, I hope, your bewilderment won’t distract your focus. Have no worries.”

Jem had guessed by now that his visitor wasn’t here to talk about an ordinary matter.

“Please…” he reassured, “Go ahead…”

“My name is Alph.I come from outer space, from a star called Idepia in the Kurgaz constellation on the other side of the universe.”

Jem thought about whether it was worth giving any serious consideration to what his guest was saying or not. Perhaps he was just a harmless lunatic or a maniac

Little did he know, his strange guest could read his thoughts:

“Oh no, please do not think such things. I am not a lunatic, nor am I a case of schizophrenia. I know how hard it is for you to believe my words, but you must!”

Jem pulled himself together and cleared his throat…

“What you say doesn’t sound very realistic. I’m sorry, but how do you expect me to believe you?”

“Yes, I know, I must give you proof, and I’m going to… but I have to warn you first, that when I do prove myself, it may seem extraordinary. So, please don’t be afraid, for my purpose is definitely not to scare you or force anything upon you. I just want to get to know you closer, to share ideas with you, and to teach you things that you have no knowledge of.”

“Hmm... How about we start with you giving me some proof, please?”

“With pleasure!”

The stranger stood up and reached his hands out to Jem.

“Please, hold my hands” he politely requested.

Jem stood up, walked over towards his guest and tried to grab hold of his hands, but alas! He couldn’t!

Startled, he took a step closer to his guest and this time reached his arms out to grab him by his shoulders. To his surprise, his hands joined each other in the air going right through his guest!

His mind went blank for a moment. He couldn’t understand. He was able to see his guest in precise detail, yet when he tried to touch him he was wrestling with air!

9 / 80

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