Perhaps this is a dream, he thought…

The stranger replied to his thought:

“You’re not dreaming. You are wide awake in your dimension of existence. It’s just that I don’t have a tangible material body like yours for you to be able to grab hold of. As I said, I come from outer space, and my intangible immaterial body is my proof. I wonder if you believe me now.”

Jem did seem a little more convinced now, but he suddenly had the urge to call Gonul. He wondered if she too would have the same experience.

“Yes, that is a brilliant idea!” his visitor said. “You should call your wife. You will support each other.”

Jem was now certain of his guest’s ability to read minds.

“OK…” he said, as he staggered towards his bedroom in utter astonishment.

When he slowly pushed open the bedroom door he saw that Gonul was in the en suite busily cleaning off her make-up. She had changed into her nightgown. When she saw her husband’s reflection in the mirror, she turned to him at once.

“What is it, Jem? What’s the matter?”

“Wh... What do you mean, what’s the matter?” Jem stuttered.

“Your face is so pale! You look like you saw a ghost!”

“Oh!  um… you know… the stranger… that’s in my room?”

“What about the stranger in your room?”

Jem let it out at one fell swoop:

“He’s an alien from outer space!”

Gonul took a breath in relief, turning back to the mirror:

“Good God and I actually thought there was a problem seeing you like that.”

Jem persisted:

“Gonul, I’m serious!”

“Jem, are you at all aware of what you’re saying, dear? You’re telling me there is a man in your office who claims to have come from space.”

“Yes, darling, I’m perfectly aware of what I’m saying! And I want you to come with me and see him for yourself.”

Gonul dropped everything and curiously started walking towards the door. Then she suddenly stopped and pointing to her nightgown asked “What? Like this?”

She was wearing a tiny nightie that hardly covered her body. Jem held her and pulled her out the door.

“Trust me. Your body doesn’t mean anything to him. This guy doesn’t even have a body!”

Gonul resisted, “Jem! Have you lost your mind? Let me at least get my robe!” She hurried over to grab her blue robe and put it on, wrapping it around her body and trying to tie it up while Jem kept pulling her down the hall. When they reached the office door, Jem suddenly stopped and turned to Gonul: “Please don’t be scared. He’s not dangerous.”

They walked in.

The stranger was still sitting where Jem had left him, only now he was facing the door. He still had the same sincere and pleasant smile on his face.

“I am sorry, I have inconvenienced you at this time of the night,” he said, apologetically.

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