“So, if you like, let’s first talk about the reality of the ‘human’ before we go into how its conditionings occur.”

“What are we according to your knowledge? How does your kind define us?” Jem asked, steering the conversation to the main point.

“I will tell you. Be warned, however, that it is going to go against all the conditionings you have accumulated throughout your life. I plead that you do not object! If what I say initially sounds contradictory please just listen through until I make my point, as this will no doubt elucidate the matter, but, if by the end it still isn’t clear, by all means, ask me and I’ll explain further.”

“Aren’t the things you’re about to tell us also going to be a form of conditioning?”

“To condition is to make a judgment based on bits and pieces of data through comparison construed according to one’s own understanding, and then to confine others to this judgment.

“An accumulation of information that is based on conditioning is not an intricate system and bears many unanswerable questions. But if you advance with pure and raw truth rather than interpretations and conditionings you’ll encounter an intricate system by which there will be no question without an answer for anyone who uses it.

“One who attains true reality has attained all answers. There is no question you can ask him for which he will have no answer. In fact, the deeper you dive, the deeper the answer you’ll retrieve from him, as he would have integrated with the system holistically. Whereas a man bound by conditionings will have no alternative but to stall due to the continuously more profound questions arising on the infinite path towards the single point of being.”

Gonul interrupted:

“Uhm… Can we come back to humans? I mean, who are we really?”

“Know that the existence to which you refer as ‘I’ is neither your flesh and bones nor the structure you call spirit.

“The physical body through which ‘I’ and all the properties pertaining to the ‘I’ are exhibited is merely a conduit for these properties, a tool for them to become manifest, which will inevitably be abandoned some day. In just the same way, the ‘spirit’ is also a vehicle on which the ‘I’ mounts; that is, it carries the ‘I’.

“In actuality, the existence denoted by ‘I’ is such a core reality; it is the ‘essence’ at the point of the ‘essential self’ at which the cosmos and everything in it consist of one consciousness.

“Unfortunately, humans are deprived and veiled from living the reality of this universal cosmic consciousness at the level of the ‘essential self’. Considering your level of conditioning, it is impossible for you to experience this reality.”

“So the ‘I’ is consciousness? What about the soul then?”

I and the soul are the same thing – it’s consciousness or intellect.”

Gonul asked:

“So when I say ‘I’ am I referring to my intellect?”

“For those who know the truth, yes, it is a reference made to their intellect. But one who doesn’t know this truth reduces the ‘I’ to his own simple comprehension and affiliates it with the spirit or the physical body.”

“From what I understand” Jem said, “the existence denoted by ‘I’ is essentially consciousness… Which comes into existence through the brain’s process of intellectualizing and manifests through the body, right? So real existence is actually pure consciousness?”

“When we say pure consciousness, we say it so as to not confine it to or condition it as either the biological body or the astral wave-body called the spirit. Let me explain it like this: The mind, intellect, power of comprehension, imagination, capacity to give shape, illusion and soul – all of these are one at the level of pure consciousness.”

“Wait a minute… I’m not sure I understand,” Gonul was confused. “You said humans were composed of just pure consciousness, but now you’re adding mind, intellect, comprehension and other things to the equation.”

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