“The third is my kind. Our existence consists of pure intellect. We have no affiliation to any form of matter whatsoever. We simply and purely comprise intellect.”

Jem was confused:

“So what exactly is the difference between you and the Setrians?”

“The actual make-up of the Setrians is a radial kind, like the waves you call X-ray, and the behaviors that result from these radial beings are processed by the intellect. Whereas we don’t have such a wave-like make-up, we are only intellect! We generate a body only when we feel the need to, which is when we want to make contact with earthlings or Setrians.”

“How?” Gonul cut in.

“I’m sorry, but it’s impossible for me to explain this to you at your current level of knowledge.”

Jem couldn’t wrap his head around it either, he was still wondering about the reality of the vision in front of him…

“Could you tell us a little about your dimension?”

“With pleasure… We call our system, or our string of stars, the Kurgaz constellation… It is far beyond the other side of the Milky Way, of which your solar system comprises a tiny section! Our constellation is practically undiscoverable by your scientists, because the stars of Kurgaz, including Idepia, do not constitute material mass; they are just energy. In a sense Kurgaz is an accumulation of electromagnetic waves, but not completely so, as the kind of waves we emit cannot be picked up by your technology, but this is the closest example I can give… We also don’t have a unit of time, we only use words like ‘day’ or ‘month’ to refer to the order of events, in other words, our references to time are not related to the orbits of stars. But if we have to make a comparison, one day on Idepia is like one thousand years on Earth, approximately the life span of thirteen humans.”

“But if you don’t have references to time, such as month and day, why do you use these terms? What do they mean for Idepians?”

“Life span for us has three stages. The first stage is the accumulation of primary knowledge. This stage is expressed as a day. The second stage is the experiencing of the applications of our primary knowledge in the universe, this we call a month. Finally, the senior stage lasts a year, and this is when we get assigned to a specific region in the universe to examine and foresee their development.”

“Then what?” Jem enquired. “What happens after the year is over?”

Alph smiled:

“In your terms ‘our end’ happens. In our terms, we completely retreat from the outer world back into our essence and we continue living at the level of the essence.”

“So you die?”

Silence overtook the room at this point…

Jem and Gonul were both completely perplexed. Taking the time to digest the info, they were both sitting still in silence.

Alph stood up:

“It’s quite late for you…”

Indeed, it was 3:30 am. How quickly time had passed!

“You both have to go to work tomorrow so we should probably end our meeting here for tonight and continue tomorrow night… In Essence!”

Alph had suddenly disappeared.

Gonul and Jem exchanged looks… How did he come, how did he go?

“So, is he gone now?” Gonul asked.

“I guess so” Jem replied. “I suppose we’ll continue tomorrow night…”

Gonul wrapped her arms around her husband:

“Jem… We weren’t dreaming, were we?”

“Dream… Real… I don’t know, honey, the two terms are so mixed up in my head right now I can’t even see where dream ends and reality begins!”

“Hmm… If this dream is real, then maybe we’re a dream…”

They were no sooner in bed than they were fast asleep, completely knocked out by the weight of the information to which they had just been exposed.

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