“Since man exhibits the images of the cosmic consciousness, or the Universal Intellect as we call it, how do all the positive-negative, conditioned-unconditioned relations in humanity come about? This is another point that needs particular clarification…

“Every occurrence in the universe is one of two kinds. Those that involve us, the Setrians, and the humans, and those that involve the world, that is natural occurrences. The second kind occurs within specific systems, for example the evaporation and liquefaction processes of the water cycle. An expansive example of this would be the cycle of the formation of the radial structure from pure energy, which forms atoms, materializes and then finally turns back to radial form and pure energy again…”

“You lost me there… How does energy become matter and then turn back into pure energy again?” Jem cut in.

“It’s actually a challenging concept to fathom, the majority of humans are not even aware of this reality today” Alph admitted.

“To put it very simply” he continued, “when the cosmic consciousness, that is, the Universal Intellect, imagines something, that thing becomes manifest as energy in the imaginary world. This energy is dispersed as wavelengths. Conscious in their own right, these wavelengths of energy go through various processes of densification until they finally atomize. Upon further densification, atoms compose specific forms of matter, which are all designed specifically appropriate for their purposes, after which they die, or transform. What happens with death, in effect, is that it dissolves back into the state of radial energy but humans can’t detect this. Upon further dissolving and refinement it finally returns back to its original state of pure raw energy and awaits its next process of densification in order to constitute the primary element of the next image…”

“I just don’t get it” Gonul confessed. Her mind was going haywire by this stage…

“It’s perfectly normal that you don’t” Alph reassured her. “In order to understand all of this you must abandon the constructed ‘Gonul’ and return to the consciousness in your essence that is capable of encompassing the whole of the cosmos, after which you can observe these mysteries…

“But to sum it up, worldly phenomena occur through such systems…

“The advancements of humans and Setrians also occur in two ways: through individual and social events. The former comprises the perpetual conditionings and their results, while the latter involves things like war, earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons that cause profound effects on the masses in general.”

“Can you expound a little more on the individual advancements?”

“This is when a person is conditioned with concepts like good-bad, positive-negative, right-wrong – things that are congruous with his nature will seem pleasing to him, while those that go against his nature will seem displeasing. Both of these, that is, the conditionings and his nature, will drive his behaviors in a specific direction, ultimately shaping his life. Of course relations with other humans will develop dependent on the compatibility of conditionings and natures, ultimately forming societies. So, in actuality, societies are groups of similarly conditioned people.

“As for social advancements, these occur through certain individuals who discover and conquer their own essence. That is, they become cognizant of their essential potential and exercise this power to give direction to the events in the universe. In other words, these comprise the real humans who have unlocked their potentials and have reached their essence. Such individual have existed throughout all times, in fact many of them have been turned into gods and myths, such as the Greek gods!

“When these individuals have exercised the power, they were able to unlock their essence to turn the course of events in the world; the masses, who were ignorant of the reality, deified them as the powers they manifested were befitting gods! With time, as people started to associate the gods with images rather than tangible matter, other terms were introduced used to refer to people who manifested the same powers, such as, ‘mighty’, ‘priest’, ‘saint’ and so on… If you isolate the truth from all these labels and figures it is essentially the same reality that applies in all cases.

“These are the kind of individuals who have from time to time generated great events in order to steer the society in a certain way or to preserve the balance on Earth.”

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