“When a person dies his ‘discretionary’ life on Earth will end, and he will commence living an ‘ordained’ life.”

“What do these mean? What are discretionary and ordainedlives?”

“Discretionary life is when a person has the choice to either do or not do a particular thing, or choose the way in which he does it, hence build his own life in this way. An ordained life is when a person is subjugated without a choice to live the requirements of any given situation he encounters.

“In the life after death people will automatically display behavior that directly results from the information they gathered during their earthly life, the conditions they stored and the extent to which they were able to ‘know thyself’. Just like what happens in dreams. Pain and pleasure will be experienced as a natural consequence of these behaviors.

“If a person was able to know his ‘self’ and activate the innate faculties and capabilities given to him during his earthly life, he will easily overcome the situations he encounters using these qualities and thus feel pleasure. We may say, then, his life will be in a heavenly state, or symbolically speaking, he will be in ‘paradise’.

“But if, on the contrary, he failed to discover and conquer his true self and his capabilities, then he would have squandered his quintessence by being molded with the values resulting from his conditionings. Since he will evaluate everything he encounters in his next life with these measures, his life will be constantly at odds with his true self, hence subject to constant suffering and pain. This state of life is symbolically referred to as ‘hell’. In addition to this, of course, he will also be in an environment that physically torments him too.”

“Will this state of life continue indefinitely?” asked Gonul.

“No! After an infinitely long amount of time, every humanoid will eventually begin to change his values and beliefs. As he foregoes a particular conditioning he will discover one of his faculties, until he uncovers them all and makes the transition from a painful life to one that is pleasurable. But as I said, it will take an infinitely long time…”

“How do you know all of this Alph?” Jem asked curiously.

“Many truths that are veiled to you because of your conditioning and physical make-up are conspicuously observable by us. Simply because, as I told you earlier, what covers the truth entirely is the conditionings based on relative judgments and ignorance. Because we are not subject to any form of conditioning our evolution is dependent on knowledge alone, hence, it should not be surprising to you that we have knowledge of the mysteries of the universe.”

“Ok… So, what is a human who truly knows their ‘self’ capable of doing?” inquired Gonul.

“Such a person can live under water or earth without any food or drink, without even breathing for months, not be burnt by fire, walk on water, fly, be present anywhere at any time, in fact, even bring back the dead to life for some time!”

“But isn’t that the disposition of God?”

“The cosmic consciousness acts as a mirror to humans. Or, to be more precise, humans are like mirrors that reflect the qualities of the Absolute One. Humans can reflect and exhibit the qualities pertaining to the cosmic consciousness to the degree to which they can discover and know their true selves.”

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