“Since this is the case, is it at all possible that humans are separate from this immaculately ordered cosmos, and have an intellect other than the cosmic consciousness governing the micro and macro worlds, with which they control and operate their bodies and lives as they wish?”

“Logically, no. It isn’t possible. However, what you’re suggesting entails many other questions, so how would you answer those?”

“The inability to answer ‘other questions’ should never be the determining factor of rejecting an obvious and evident truth. This being said, there are no questions to which we have no answers…”

“Hey! Who are you talking to? Or did you finally start losing it?” Gonul asked with a somewhat joking voice fused with some confusion as she walked into her husband’s room.

“No, silly! I’m talking to Alph, of course!” Jem responded with a smile. “We can’t see him because he decided not to wear a physical body today!”

“Are you joking?” Gonul wasn’t convinced.

Alph suddenly appeared on the sofa across from where Jem always sat.

“Of course he isn’t!” Alph reassured Gonul. “I wanted to break his conditioning that seeing and hearing doesn’t necessarily require the material transaction of the eyes and ears.”

“So you can arrive just like that, without a body or any physical appearance?”

“Of course. Why does this surprise you so much?”

She imagined being in a most intimate setting with her husband while not knowing Alph was in their bedroom all along! The thought made blood rush to her cheeks, making her blush with embarrassment.

“You are only embarrassed because you have been conditioned to be,” Alph tried to comfort her. “Why should one be embarrassed about something that is as normal and natural as eating or going to the toilet?”

Gonul remained silent. Having already read her mind, Alph confronted her with the question:

“Had you not been conditioned by your culture that this is an ‘intimate’ act not to be done next to others, would you still be embarrassed?”

Gonul gulped. Jem answered in her place:


“Are there people today who intimately engage with one another in the parks and out in public?”


“Are they shamed or embarrassed?”


“Are there also cultures and communities, on the contrary, who believe these acts should strictly take place in the bedroom, in the dark, in fact without even taking their clothes off?”


“Aren’t these the results of the conditionings they have received from their environment?”

“I guess so.”

“On the other hand, many of the youth today are rebelling to societal conditionings and living their lives as they wish, are they not?”

“Yes, of course, but we can’t ignore the fact that conditionings are not all bad. Without them there would be total anarchy and chaos… In order for humans to live in a society conditionings are necessary…”

“Yes, but that is a different topic for another time. What I’m trying to draw your attention to now is about how human behaviors are driven by conditionings! Whether these conditionings are necessary or not is a different matter, one that we will have to address on its own. Of course, certain rules are necessary to keep a society together and in order, but as I said, our topic now is about how an individual’s emotions are linked to his or her conditionings.”

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