“You see, when this is misconceived, when it isn’t identified as the necessity of the natural course, then through the use of such activities, one can easily condition and bind himself to another person, and hence obstruct his own path, preventing him from finding his essence.”

“So, if someone was to come now and do some supernatural thing and cause a significant change in our lives, will he not be the ‘cause’?”

“If you see him do this in person then you can accept him as the apparent cause. However, you should always know that he is not the actual cause, but merely the hand with which your essence was activated through your body, as necessitated by your course. One should never disconnect from his essence and condition or enslave himself to exterior people or causes…”

“OK. From what I understand, what you are saying is: When I find someone who I believe can be the vehicle for me to discover the secrets of the universe, I shall befriend him, and acquire from him the knowledge of how I can turn to my essence and escape from my humanly conditionings… Of course, in return, I will also offer him some of my services, as my duty as a fellow human, because every human should return the favor to another human as best he could.

“But in the meantime, I should be careful not to think of any encounter I may have as a ‘reward’ or a ‘punishment’ to my actions… I should perceive every encounter as a tool for my cognitive development rather than taking refuge in the teacher from these things.

“I will discuss these encounters with my teacher in order to recognize how I am conditioned and identify how my conditionings drive my reactions, so I can free myself from them. Therefore, the next time I encounter a similar situation, my reaction will be in accordance with the value it signifies in terms of my essence, rather than as my conditionings dictate!”

“Yes, and each day you will be freed a little more from your conditionings, your set of values and the emotions they generate, and find your real identity! You have indeed understood the topic well!”

“So, in short, the point of having a teacher is to discuss and interact with someone in order to identify and recognize your shortcomings, rather than blind submission?”

“Yes, that is exactly the point! Finding real freedom by abandoning your relative and illusory self via conversation and comprehension, rather than enslaving yourself to another person in the name of freedom. And to offer services in return for the opportunity to have an interactive consultation.”

“OK… Can you now expand a little on environmental and humanly conditionings?”

“Sure… On my next visit. This is enough for today.”

“When will that be?”

“When its turn comes. Time is a condition, too, don’t forget!”

“... !??”

“In Essence!”

“In Essence, Alph…”

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