“The point is to first get to know the truth about your own ‘I-ness’ and then to acquire the mysteries and secrets of the universe! That is, you must encompass both the inner and the outer. After this, you may wish to display supernatural acts or not, it is up to you, for at this point, it is not even significant.

“Since to feel the want or need to engage in such activities only results from humanly emotions, for the most part, you won’t even engage in such things. Even if someone was to request it, you will present various reasons and refuse to do it.

“Extraordinary phenomenon should only come about beyond your deliberate want. Otherwise it will almost always be derived from the self, from humanly emotions, which will defeat the purpose.”

“Going back to the earlier point, how can I trust a particular teacher? How can I best benefit from him?”

“You must first make sure that you never request or expect anything from your teacher other than the knowledge you seek in order to find and conquer your essence and develop yourself. Any other request will only lead you to deception. Upon such requests, a true teacher will have no choice but to divert your attention in various ways, as you will indirectly be asking him to amuse and entertain you, and thus delay the real teachings. Hence, in compliance with this indirect request he will offer stereotypical comments such as ‘it is not the time’, ‘there is wisdom in things being this way’, ‘it is to test you’, ‘it is the punishment of your wrongdoing’ and so on… But the truth of the matter is, there are neither punishments nor any rewards; it is not right to make interpretations like this! However, you would have brought things to this point, you would have asked for this…

“Let’s think about this ferry ride that we are currently on… Looking at the scenery before us that is constantly changing, how fair would it be if I were to blame my frustration on the fact that you had an obstructed and bad view or link my happiness to the fact that you just saw a beautiful landscape? What has this got to do with anything, when in fact the change in the scene is just a natural part of the ferry’s course?

“People encounter all sorts of scenes in life. The purpose behind every encounter is to teach and aid the person to find his essence! But if you condition yourself that you can only encounter and experience certain things via a particular person, then it is quite possible to be exploited by that person. As every time you have any experience you will attribute it to him, and he may abuse the situation…”

“Then what must I do?”

“Evaluate every experience as the natural course of this bodily journey you are on and quit making a distinction between good and bad, right and wrong... When you do this, there will remain neither the need to administer a situation nor a person to consult. Consequently, you would have saved yourself from a huge amount of conditioning, and stopped chaining yourself with your own hands.”

“What about that person’s function?”

“His function is only to share his knowledge with you so that you can discover and conquer you own essential self and free yourself from your conditionings. He can help you identify some of your conditionings that perhaps you are unable to see, so you don’t waste your time and so you can rapidly acquire the knowledge you need for your self-actualization.”

“Don’t people who attain the truth have the ability to maneuver others with their extraordinary talents so they can influence the direction and the flow of their experiences or circumstances?”

“It is possible but very rare. Each person’s path has already been determined. As such, each person follows his own path back to the point of his manifestation. To intervene in someone else’s path via supernatural means can only be the incitement of humanly emotions, in which case it will be evident that the person hasn’t really been enlightened to the truth. For one who has attained the true reality will never allow his humanly thoughts and emotions to use or abuse his supernatural talents!”

“What if the path of someone necessitates the witnessing of a supernatural activity, as part of their natural course?”

“There is a fine line here. This can indeed occur. However, it should be the natural consequence or the requirement of his path. Note that I said the requirement of his path, not a personal desire resulting from some incident or circumstance that one encounters and wants to modify.

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