Jem interrupted:

“How about when I touched your hands and felt you?”

“That’s when I stimulated your brain’s touch center and made you think you were actually touching my hand.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then where exactly are you right now?”

“Let me try and answer this question with an example. If we had a radio here and we turned it on, where would that sound come from?”

“From the broadcasting station.”

“But is there a broadcasting station here in this room?

“No, only the audio waves transmitted by the station.”

Where in the room are they?”

“I don’t know.”

“This is the closest example I can give you about our make-up. We, the Idepians, are like those audio waves, but the kind that your sense perception and technology can’t pick up on!”

“So, why are you here? Why did you come to Earth?” Gonul broke in.

“Part of our development and training entails the study of the universal mysteries. That is, to complete our training and become fully developed, we must become completely aware of all the mysteries of the universe. To achieve this we must closely examine all the systems that comprehensively manifest the Universal Intellect and understand the mysteries pertaining to their existence. Eventually the knowledge of the universal mysteries we acquire is rendered by the intelligence reflector.”

Jem jumped in: “There are other life forms in the universe?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘other life forms’, as everything in the universe is alive. You earthlings fall into grave error by classifying everything that is out of your range of perception as lifeless.

“What differentiates the various units of existence isn’t their liveliness, but rather their intellect. From pure radial energy that has no material appearance, to the seemingly inanimate stones and mountains of your planet, to your very bodies, everything is alive and is in a constant act of motion within its own plane of existence.”

“You’re referring to motion at the atomic level of existence?”

“The level to which you refer as ‘atomic’ can only be considered as a transition state between pure radial energy and dense matter. To be more precise, the beginning of life is pure energy; the point at which this energy transforms into matter is the atomic state, and matter in motion is basically the level of the body.”

“Uhm… Going back to our question… Are there intelligent beings like us in the universe?” Gonul insisted with great curiosity.

Alph answered, “There are three types of beings in the universe that endeavor to broaden their intellect in a systematic way. The first are the units known as ‘humans’ who pursue their lives in a material body and try to find their true selves under these circumstances.

“The second are the Setrians, who don’t have material bodies like you but still comprise material-like waves, oblivious of which they pursue a non-material state of existence in the solar system.

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