“Some of these units reach as far as humans before having completed their task and returning to their origin, while others fulfill their mission and regress much earlier in their journey. If a unit is delegated to become a human it will complete a long journey of various stages of development from energy into rays, into atoms, then molecules, cells and finally a human. During each stage of development, the sole purpose of this unit is only to complete its current stage so that it can move on to the next stage.

“For example, as pure energy it aims to complete its current stage and become a high frequency wavelength. When it is a wavelength, it aspires to further densify and undergo certain transformations to become an atom. When it becomes an atom, it aims to become ‘matter’ then aims to reach the vegetative state of matter. Those whose final purposes are to become humans aspire to reach the animal state next, that is human sustenance, after which it finally migrates to a human body. Once this destination has been reached, the new mission now becomes ‘to be a sperm’, after which the purpose is ‘to unite with an egg’ and hence take its first step into humanity.

“In other words, it doesn’t only take nine months of development to be a human; it takes many more years than that.”

“How about after death? What happens when we die?”

“You say, after becoming a human your brain perpetually emits microwaves. Whereas, this supra construct called ‘human’ is actually formed with them, so after death you will continue your life with the holographic construct composed of these waves.”

“Now I’m confused again! I thought you had said ‘human’ comprised the body and the spirit, and that with death the body died, but the spirit remained..?”

“That is exactly what I am saying! When the body becomes dysfunctional what remains is the supra existence without a material appearance, right? Call this ‘spirit’, my friend… Same thing!”

“Yes, but, how about the whole teaching about how the spirit is blown into the embryo after it spends three lots of forty days in the mother’s womb, and it is only then that it is actually considered alive???”

“This is in reference to the cognition of the embryo in regards to defining its own life path with its own consciousness and genetic composition, uniquely influenced by cosmic rays.[1] But it is impossible for you to see this from outside. And since it is an unobservable phenomenon, it has been disclosed in symbolic language.”

“How can an embryo make such an evaluation?”

“As I said, all definitions such as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are relative notions. An embryo also has a comprehension that yields a path according to its natural disposition. But at this stage, this activity can’t be picked up from the outside. The person’s character develops in congruence to this life path. Hence, a personality begins to form. But again, this formation cannot be detected from the outside. Just like when pathogens invade some part of the body and start damaging healthy cells and then proliferate and disperse throughout the body but the person has no idea until finally some symptom becomes apparent to warn them…”

“So does ‘human’ form independent of the body then?”

“The word ‘human’ is only a name. You give names to a localized group of certain attributes. We prefer to use the word ‘unit’. Each unit has a purpose in life. It begins its journey at a point, then traverses a circular journey and ends up at the same point it began. A unit moves away from its point only with a purpose and towards an aim. The destination point of some units is further and others are closer. Some will return as rays, some return as atoms, plants or animals and some will return as humans.

[1]  Please refer to my books Know Yourself and The Mysteries of Man for more information.

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